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Keep Long Term Customers Happy!

May 6, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I think it would be a great idea if DELL had a customer service department that could help with problems related to DELL computers. For example, I have a new XPS 13 (6th Gen, $2,200) and the hing on the lid broke. After prepaying $300 to have it fixed I still don't have it back or know when it will be repaired - no parts apparently.I have two allegedly customer service representatives who both e-mailed to ensure I was happy with the service I received. I emailed them both back and mentioned that I was not and, after nearly a month, I still do not know when I might get my computer back they did not bother to respond.Just a simple idea to keep in contact with a very upset customer who has been buying DELL's for myself and my clients for the last 20 odd years.

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Alienware Alpha/Steam GPU removable pin chip

Mar 18, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I know the bashing among many Alienware Alpha/Steam owners and non buyers hate the non removal of the GPU graphics card to upgrade in the future. How about this idea for newer models and another idea for first gen Dell Alpha/Steam. Instead of soldering the GPU onto the board, how about design the GPU harness just the same way the CPU is made with the locking pin style. Then when it's time to upgrade the GPU, it can be ordered and an easy upgrade like replacing the CPU. This would be great keeping the size of the Alpha/Steam Unique and being able to upgrade. Now, as for an idea for current owners, design some adaptor that plugs into the hidden USB port and overrides the older GPU. Use a smaller harness that holds the new GPU to snap over the older GPU now the main graphics. A modified Heat sink and newer fan included for the GPU upgrade all comes included with upgrade kit. Seems far fetch but owners now will feel future proof for a long time.

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Ideastorm Future and Fixes

Mar 16, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I like this platform, I think it's a great way of communicating and essentially outsourcing (or crowdsourcing) creative ideas without a huge financial commitment. However, I don't think you value this tool as much as you should. I didn't find out about ideastorm, untill one of your support staff told me about it..and if I'm honest, I'm not 100% if that's how I found it. I think you should promote it a little better, have it on your website/alienware pages ("Got an idea??why not share it with us?"..something like that) so first time visitors or visitors in general would be aware that this platform exists. Granted, your forums are a good place for ideas, and so are genearl discussion boards; but I think it would be a lot more effecient to have a centralised place for new ideas and improvements. Also promote it on social media. Pick an "Idea of the day" and ask for people's opinions on social media. (not sure if you do that already) Have it at the bottom of email correspondenses. Even bring businesses into this. I know you provide IT services to organisations, so why not make them aware of this tool...Finally, create incentives...I'm gonna leave that to you. But creating incentives would greatly benefit this cause. It takes time and effort to write up and share an reward people for it...or atleast create an incentive. From what I've noticed, most of the ideas pre 2011 have upwards of 100 votes...nowadays the maximum is around 10. Obviously that depends on the quality of the idea, but surely it relects (even in the least) that your number of users has decreased dramatically. Improvements/Fixes: 1) Editing posts:- It would be handy to be able to edit posts, once they're already deployed. 2) BIU Fix:- I've found that even if I "Bold" a sentence or a word in your doesn't appear bold 3) Coments: - Indendations for replys would be useful 4) Email notifications:- Honestly, I apologise if this offends anyone (that's not my intention)...they're garbage! It'd be nice if you could format them in a that users can identify what is going on in a single glance. What I mean by that is have a heading (Your Idea..."Blah blah blah) ---in heading font has recieved a new comment... and provide a snapshot of the comment in context....not just a URL!! And please don't send me notifications that I've made a comment on my idea....I am already aware of this 0_o I know this is nitpicking but honestly, it's little things like just feels like you don't care about this platform enough to make it easy to use! 5) Look and feel: This is a little bit debatable...but could you modernise the overall look and feel of the site. I get that Dell's signature colors are blue and white....but it almost seems a little too clinical : ) maby changing fonts....adding the odd color button : )If anyone else has any thoughts/ideas...please feel free to share thanks for reading : )  

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Helping your go-to-market teams & Dell/EMC integration

Mar 14, 2016

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Status: New

I'm a huge fan of Dell, and I'm actually using a Dell monitor to type this note. While addressing the coming changes within the organization Michael Dell stated "This group will collaborate on innovative and differentiated solutions, optimize our operations to increase the speed and agility with which we serve our customers." This is BIG. Big goals require big actions. From content surfacing to collaboration, Docurated provides an intelligence infrastructure that thrives on complexities of huge organizations making them and their channel partners faster and more relevant to their customers with a quick, easy, and efficient access to all best information from across all business units and go-to-market organizations, while also helping with the Dell - EMC intergration a success. I'd love to touch base to explore whether Docurated could bring similar value to Dell. Wouldn't expect any decisions whatsoever, we'd really just like to convey the full value of our offering and gain your feedback. What's the best way to find 15 minutes to discuss this with someone who would find this relevant? Appreciate the opportunity, Best, Chin  

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Ideastorm Two Way

Mar 10, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

This is a fairly simple idea. Ideastorm, for the most part seems like a one way communication tool, where people share their ideas with Dell. Howabout making it two way. So instead of just us sending ideas, Dell pitches ideas; allowing us to like it, provide feedback etc. I know this is a public platform and sensitive information can't be shared, but simple ideas can be, and general concepts - say a new trend or technology implemented into existing systems etc. Basically making Ideastrom 2 way. Oh and Dell, could you please make an edit button for ideas :  ) Thanks for reading

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SD Card Slot Holder

Jan 19, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I had a thought for the SD card holder slot. The plastic piece that comes with the laptops should be an adapter for micro or mini SD cards. They could make it just like a SIM card holder. granted that most SD cards already come with adapters, but if they made the plastic one that comes with the laptop, it would match the contours of the laptop, and look better. I wouldn't think that this would cost much to make. Just a thought. 

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Dell Needs You! Help name Dell’s new retail program.


Oct 20, 2011

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Status: Acknowledged

                                                                                                    "DELL".                                                                                         "DOOR TO DOOR"                                                                                           "HEART TO HEART"

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What can Dell do to make IdeaStorm better?

Auto-Archive old, stale or uninteresting ideas

Dec 2, 2010

2 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

For ideas that are "old" or not popular with the community, automatically archive them after a specific period of time. For example if it were know that ideas that receive no votes or comments in a 90-day time window that these ideas would be automatically archived, two things would happen. First, the clutter automatically cleared out of the way so that one could focus on fresh ideas. Second, there would be a built in promotion component. Whomever was the original poster would be incented to continually recruit new participants in that specific idea or even recruit new community members. Naturally if you did this, you would need put a timer on ideas that are getting within the 2-3 week range so that the author could get back out there and start promoting. And any given post or comment would reset the 90-day timer.

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