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External charging station for Dell laptop batteries

Jun 20, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

We use Dell Latitude laptop computers throughout our facillity.  Our current model is the Latitude E6540.  Physicians and nurses require a fully functional laptop at all times.  If we had an external charging station which could charge 4 to 6 laptop batteries simultaneously then if a clinician's battery died in the middle of a shift they could simply replace it with a fully charged battery from the charging station.  Here is a link to a multi-bay battery charger for 16 batteries.  The product is very expensive and way too big for our needs.  Even a charging station capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously would work and we could purchase 2 units.  Something like this   I've run across Internet inquiries from other people looking for the same type of product.  Dell could probably sell a bunch of these if only they existed!  Thanks.

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Improve the new Inspiron 15 500 series (2015)

Jun 22, 2015

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The new Inspiron 15 5000 series looks sleek and comes at a decent price, but fails at some basics. Most people do not want optical drives on laptops nowadays, so why have it in a model that is meant to be as cheap as possible while offering good specifications?It would make more sense to ditch the optical drive and instead offer a FullHD screen as standard. By doing this, Dell will be leading the way to a higher resolution future and leave other brands less desirable with their low resolution screens. I have seen the bulk prices for HD screens vs. decent FullHD screens, and I just cannot justify skimping here while at the same time offering an optical drive. Highlight the Dell external optical drive for all laptop models instead, so customers who really want to use discs can see the option. The room saved by ditching the optical drive could be used to optimize cooling, add a few extra ports or preferably: both.Customers want sleek and portable devices with low noise levels and good battery life. Optical drives are not as desirable as they once were, and Dell needs to realize that sooner rather than later.

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Jun 29, 2015

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Status: New

Hello, Sorry for this but I am trying to get in touch with someone from Dell Idea partner who can explain in detail how idea storm functions and focuses on consumer feedback and promotes innovation. This research is for dissertation purpose and the information would be protected. I know it's a long shot but I would really appreciate any sort of help. Thank you. Regards, Priyanka

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Alienware 17 R2 2015; This laptop should come with a 230W AC adapter, not 180 watts. Throttles immensely.

Jun 20, 2015

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The Alienware 17" R2 2015 laptop with the 4980HQ Haswell CPU and nVidia 980m GPU throttles like immensely with the 180W AC adapter.I have noticed that maximum power consumption of the AC adapter is about 171 watts, measured with a kill-a-watt meter. Meaning, about 154 watts max power draw from the AC adapter at full load if I assume 90% efficiency of the AC adapter. That power consumption is maintained even if the CPU cores are idle the but GPU is running Furmark. In all cases the GPU throttles and if the GPU is running Furmark while the CPU is taxed, the CPU is throttled as well. It cycled between 2.8GHZ and 800MHZ every few seconds. So I am concerned why the laptop cannot use all 180 watts from the AC adapter. Power consumption should be a bit over 200 watts from the wall when this happens. Will power draw be articificially limited with the 230W AC adapter as well? The web site, notebookcheck saw this behavior as well ( 240 watts should be standard for your laptop with the 980m GPU. It's like having a big V8 engine in your car but the fuel pump can't keep up the fuel pressure if you floor it. Or an inverter in an electric car that can't supply full power to the electric motor.The throttling is not due to chip temperatures, but from the lack of available power draw from the AC adapter.This is what MSI tried to do this with their GT60 and GT70 high end gaming laptops a few years ago. They tried using 180w AC adapters and using the battery to supplement the AC adapter, but it was not enough and so people experienced a lot of throttling. Now Alienware is doing the same mistake. But luckily the AC adapter upgrade should be free per Dell KB (, and at least it is an option for this laptop, versus MSI users who were stuck.

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Ditch Alienware 14 and make thin n light Alienware 15 to compete with MSI GS60/70 and Razer Blade

Apr 11, 2014

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Status: Under Review

Hello, As the title suggests I'll get straight to the point.Because Alienware 14 is so thick and heavy the 14inch screen on it seems pointless. Discontinue Alienware 14 and make a 15.6" thin and lightweight Alienware laptop that has similar portability as the MSI GS60/70, Razer Blade and Mac Book Pros but can match or outperform the MSI GS60/70 because they have GTX860m and GTX870m thus they are the most powerful thin and lightweight out of the 3 mentioned brands.If Alienware pulls this off it would really give them a run for their money.And regarding the design it off course has to look on par or even better than the mentioned 3 competitors above. Don't make it look imature but subtle like the current Alieneare 14, 17 and 18 but maybe even better.Thank you for your consideration.JohnStatus Update: Your Idea is currently Under Review. Please be patient during this process as we will be limited in what information we can share. Thank you for posting.

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Incorporate laptops with scanners

Sep 24, 2014

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With the increasing standards placed on EMRs, sending and receiving information electronically will soon become a requirement. Over the past year, I have noticed the amount of documents needed to be scanned into medical application has doubled. This requires medical staff sitting at a desktop when time becomes available. If a laptop with a built-in scanner was developed it could highly benefit the medical field. It would eliminate the countless hours medical staff currently spend scanning documents whenever time permits. This would also allow for immediate interaction with documentation. I believe this function has a tremendous amount of potential in number of fields. It would ultimately increase productivity and overall efficiency in any business. Thank you

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New Power management plan

May 27, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

When Battery power reaches 100%, battery should start discharging, when it reaches 10% it should recharge the battery again using the ever connected AC Adapter / Charger. Dell should integrate this as part of their DC-IN port fuzzy logic / intergrate this logic with QuickSet utility, whichever is feasible.Some people use their laptops like desktops, always connected to power, hence battery health deteriorates rapidly. 1 yr / within 1 yr the battery dies. By using this idea, customers can get improved battery life. Dell can save on the costs. Win-Win for both parties.

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2015 Alienware R2 17" Laptop Heat Fix, Here is how.

May 19, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Add 4 custom fan settings in the bios.  Silent, normal, performance, Extreme gaming, user. Also allow fan speed customization (heat to fan speed ratio) in your Alienware AW command center. in the alienware forum there are 100 pages of compliants about overheating. R2 owners lougeAlso this one.Thank you for your time. Please save my laptop, and gaming experience.

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Mini Itx hexa core pc LGA2011-3 socket

Jun 26, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

As you may know, mini itx platforms now can host powerful CPUs. This is because of the  ASRock X99E-ITX can support 18 core processors such as the Intel Xeon E5-2699 V3 or the 6 core Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E, for instance. There is also Intel Xeon E5-1650 v3 Haswell-EP 3.5GHz 6 x 256 KB L2 Cache 15MB L3 Cache LGA 2011-3 140W Server Processor BX80644E51650V3 for $599, which is nice because you can you ECC ram.I think Alienware or dell should offer a very small mini itx pc that focuses on overclocking and efficicent design with Fast access traditional hard drives and DDR4 ram.I think dell should also look to material science to formulate better heatsink material for cooling cpus.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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