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Modular Desktop PC

Wed Oct 26 07:57:33 GMT 2016 - 7:57 AM

I would propose so as to Dell approach elsewhere through an innovative desktop computer, comparable toward the Acer Revo construct along with get assignment done HP influential segment. This kind of processor is called a "Modular Desktop PC", which let you put together it by means of stackable module.

Horizontal and Vertical sliding Dual Screen Laptop

Tue Oct 25 05:04:14 GMT 2016 - Yesterday


      I came across  information about proven free energy machines.  I felt it is feasible to build these inside computing devices cost effectively.

Because i am unable to post new ideas, i am using the comment section to submit this idea.

Self Powering Computing Machines


With the advancement in human knowledge many free energy machines are built using off the shelf components.

The following are  free energy machines that can power one to many buildings like homes, data centres, server rooms etc.

The proven, working free energy machines are listed below in categories:


1) Generator Motor combination






          A battery can be had for initial starting of motor.


         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j860XSP2fU  ( without using flywheel)

2) Free energy Generator using Magnets






3) Gravity power generator  machines by attaching a low rpm generator



In miniature version above machines  can built inside a desktop computer, workstations, server racks etc.


Low RPM generators are available in in market that will not generate much heat can be used.







- voxmu


Dell Logo Change

Wed Oct 19 20:10:36 GMT 2016 - Oct 19, 2016

good post


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