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Dell-AR Innovation

Wed May 24 08:34:57 GMT 2017 - 8:34 AM

Oh well, that is true that today there are many educational apps that are formal learning–math drilling and phonics. Of course, most are not all scholarly, but instead the a variety of applications that students could utilize every day to enhance their capacity to think, interface, and utilize data. For example, with the help of such applications as Phrasal Verb Machine and iBooks I manage to writemyessay faster than I did it earlier with big and heavy vocab and other books.Why would I need them? Now I have them all on my digital devices.

Personal cloud

Tue May 23 23:15:49 GMT 2017 - Yesterday

The user does not carry laptops with smartphones only.
He will join any DISPLAY with him.
For example, Bar Codes are scanned

1) It is a wise technology that is built on existing solutions.
HW su needed Smart Monitors or smartTV whit WiFi to communicate on the internet
2) Cloud computing in which the user has all the data, applications, and the system.


Dell-AR Innovation

Tue May 23 11:32:42 GMT 2017 - Yesterday

It is a good idea for Dell to take advantage of the applications of AR technologies. Large scale environments can add entertainment to audiences as additional education references for mental development. This will save users from going to traditional places that are out of their scope.

Biodegradable Packing material

Wed May 17 15:20:30 GMT 2017 - May 17, 2017

Good!, But really believe that with biodegradable Dell saved from being a company that does not sell computers as before ?, I saw that this was the most voted and yes, it is a good beginning, but Dell does not sell packaging sells innovation and technology in computers.

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