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tablet with portable printer

Sat Apr 19 09:58:37 GMT 2014 - 9:58 AM

Few decades before, Casio introduced portable calculators with built-in printer. At that time, with less number of computers in shops for billing, these calculators helped the shop keepers to print the receipts. But now, computers are present in every shop. Therefore, this will be a little challenging idea.

tablet with portable printer

Fri Apr 18 21:28:01 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for your quick reply, yes there is a market for this product we can baptize DELLBISINESS.
The product will help trader operating in the informal sector master
their business. We can estimate this market for 100 millions. But with the use by families this figure can be multiplied by 20.
I propose the design:
1 Basic with only the management and to facilitate its utilization image software. With or without printer

2 The basic form plus printer and management stocks
3. Printer with management stock and bar code reader (the printer must be able to print bar codes and various situations stocks, suppliers, customers, cash..).
Thank you for your attention

Alienware AlienFX

Fri Apr 18 13:03:34 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for the additional information. :)

Alienware AlienFX

Fri Apr 18 08:51:28 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

No but if it was possible is that I have seen some keyboards where you press a key and then that individual key lights up that would be a pretty cool for Alienware I guess though this may relate to hardware instead. Also for Titanfall I would say go with orange theme and when use jetpack change to blue then when get shot red. Ben

Alienware AlienFX

Thu Apr 17 19:36:45 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

Thank you for posting the idea Claptrap_96. Is there anything you would change this was implemented?

tablet with portable printer

Thu Apr 17 14:21:16 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

Thank you for sharing your idea. I think the combination is technically possible. The larger questions are if it can be done in a way that doesn't add too much weight or thickness and if there is a market for it. Can you explain the benifits you see from the combination and what kind of printing you forsee being done with such a device? 

Improve the management system

Wed Apr 16 18:13:28 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Thank you for the idea. I need to clarify if you are soliciting a partnership with Dell or is the idea that Dell should create the tablet? 


Wed Apr 16 12:47:51 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Thank you for the idea. This is the first time I have heard of Catalan, where is it most popular?

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