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Water-free Liquid Mobile Cooling System

Tue Jul 29 23:09:34 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

@Cy_J: No, I haven't. It seems that they're still working on it. Yet they manufacture Aurora's Liquid Cooling System (http://asetek.com/customers/gaming-pcs/alienware-cooling.aspx).

At some point, it was discussed in various forums.

A prototype was made M18x era.

Impossible to purchase Alienware laptop

Tue Jul 29 20:59:16 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for the feedback mhorton. Each region decides the specifications offered in their area as well as the pricing which is why you will see differences between the USA site and other countries. 

Do not save an Backlit keyboards!

Tue Jul 29 20:50:26 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for the feedback Rebel333. Are there any other options you think should be included in the Latitude 3000 series? 

Random Acts of Laptop

Tue Jul 29 20:47:30 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for sharing the idea mnpoor1. How would you suggest the system track the hours of service performed to insure that they are completed?

Desktop laptop tablet combination plus

Tue Jul 29 14:17:07 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Can you clarify what each individual piece would contain in terms of componants and if they would be designed to work independently of each other as well as in tandem?

fully custom alienware 17 and 18

Tue Jul 29 14:05:26 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I removed the service tag from your comment for security reasons. Have you contacted support about the issues?

Dell XPS 13 Linux Super Key Selection

Tue Jul 29 06:50:16 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

[Continuation of comment below...]

If you want to become a part of the community and be a heavy hitter in the Ubuntu space, you're best bet is keeping people up-to-date through things like mailing lists about Ubuntu-specific products, or Ubuntu-customizable (in all the ways I mentioned, down to the super key) products. Heck, even a neat logo that differentiates your Ubuntu machines as their own breed, but that is probably way distant future if at all. I would sign up for that mailing list. In fact, if anything I say here now becomes a reality, I would want to know about it.


I think your action in becoming a part of the Ubuntu community as a hardware supplier is crucial. It will also help standardize what is to be expected from a hardware-perspective for Ubuntu-based laptops. If you target the developers, it's a niche subset of people, but they will be there to purchase. I guess what I'm saying is if you go all-in, you'll grab that niche. I don't believe they really have many other good options at the time, so there's not too much push from the market. But little OCD things like the super key will really get people to try to consider other options - a sticker to cover it up feels like cheating. :P

I'd love to hear if any of these changes happen, any way I can stay in the loop?

Dell XPS 13 Linux Super Key Selection

Tue Jul 29 06:48:32 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Yes, actually. I think I'd like it to be a bit bigger, I was thinking the XPS15 dimensions, maybe a bit smaller like a 14" would be appropriate for a developer machine. If I were to give you my perfect Linux laptop specs, it'd be the XPS15 made from the ground-up for Ubuntu. What this means from a customer's perspective is pretty much lack of a Windows logo anywhere on the machine. I think Windows is a wonderful operating system, but this is an Ubuntu machine we're selling, so I think going the extra mile to theme it entirely to Ubuntu would set Dell apart from other manufacturers. It's a good area to enter into as well, especially with Linux booming into popularity thanks to Steam OS and Chromebooks - and it's only going to get more popular. Right now the choices that users have for full-fledged Ubuntu laptops is minimal, so reaching into this market now is probably the best time since no one big has really claimed it.

Another user also mentioned using the XPS logo, I think this is smart as well. Dell is great because it has that "Home" feel for the logo, but this is supposed to be a workhorse for developers, I think the XPS logo is far more appropriate. Up the support to 14.04 as well, many Linux-heads are also bleeding-edge devs that want at least the latest stable of something. So ensuring great code that can translate to the latest build easily is a must.

This is starting to get to be wishful thinking, but an ultimate machine for me would have a 128GB SSD for the main install, and the /home directory would be a symlink to a separate HDD of at least 500~750GB. Today I wouldn't expect less than 500GB, but I'd think we're entering an age of average ~750GB, maybe even 1TB. The jump to 1TB, or at least the chasis to support that size of drive would be wonderful, or maybe an option to customize on purchase.

Power LED seems unneeded, but it's a neat feature. I'd say if you could cut it to add the extra drive do it, otherwise leave it in if it's not too headachey. Another thing that any Linux fan will probably say is that they want to customize the machine exactly how they want it. So many users are likely to blow over the install anyways if it's not setup in any near-to-appropriate fashion. So try not to include any pre-installed programs, that will only make it more likely the end user will have to do more work when they get their machine. I would do that if there are pre-installed applications. Few people - especially developers - like that kind of thing.

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