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.NET-only configuration - windows security

Thu Oct 08 21:12:04 GMT 2015 - 9:12 PM

Note: Hidden Desktop was written in .Net and contains a wrapper for nearly every function in the Windows API, except the GDI functions. Every security API, all with easy to use code. It was available for free download for a few years, with hacker sites hitting it about 100 times/day. 

So, I assume nearly Windows machine has been breached. 

Universal data access interface

Wed Oct 07 03:10:30 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

Dell purchased Perot Systems in 2009.  Perot Systems provides services for healthcare and banking (among other industries) which require secure data access.

Their banking services division might also benefit from a standard in financial protocols (might also be applicable to healthcare and inventory) called a "transaction stack":  Promise Language.

Alienware Gaming Watch

Wed Oct 07 01:58:44 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

I like the idea and Alienware definitely has the leverage to get exclusive apps like your BF4 concept.

Laptops with Antiglare display

Wed Oct 07 01:56:51 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

Or, as of today, a business without need for the management abilities of Vostro/Latitude might look at the new Inspiron 15 7000 lineup.

Universal data access interface

Tue Oct 06 02:25:30 GMT 2015 - 2 days ago

All types of security are supported at either application or database-side: windows authentication, mixed, role-based, user-based, to any level of granularity. 

Laptops with Antiglare display

Tue Oct 06 00:49:41 GMT 2015 - 2 days ago

Upvote for antiglare screens! I will point out that if you're doing heavier business processing you should lean more towards Latitude or, especially with CAD, Precision laptops.

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