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Alienware notebook with docking connector

Fri Oct 31 17:07:35 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Great idea... thank you for submitting it.

A full-on docking station that the system snaps into instead of using cords, like those many business-class systems have, would be a nice feature. Since the latest Alienware laptops are missing so many useful peripheral features, they could incorporate things like FireWire, Thunderbolt, ExpressCard and eSATAp into the docking station.

The Alienware 13 port is for an eGPU, not really a complete system docking station in the way we would normally think of one.

Offer Premium Cooling to Laptops

Fri Oct 31 16:57:23 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Dang, just realised i missplet "option" on the very first line.
I'll see if I can get some data from laptop users other than BJfox (thanks for your tale on Coolaboratory) to further promote this idea.

Offer Premium Cooling to Laptops

Fri Oct 31 16:54:07 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thanks for your submission.

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra is outstanding. I use it on everything now. Nothing I have tried is as effective at cooling overclocked CPU and GPU The results achieved with Liquid Ultra are truly amazing. For example, the stock thermal paste and several other premium aftermarket pastes were unable to cool the 4930MX well enough to avoid thermal shutdown under sustained 100% load at 4.3GHz. With Liquid Ultra the max core temp is around 90°C and thermal control is still effective at 4.5GHz.

Offer Premium Cooling to Laptops

Fri Oct 31 16:14:31 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Good idea, people will always have different uses for a laptop, some are okay with the medium performance and others feel obligated to have a fully loaded powerhouse. It would be nice if Alienware were to include that premium option.

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