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Why an Android Laptop is a Great Idea? Really !

Sun Sep 14 07:30:48 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Hi Sugarbear,
Android is a operating system  just like to be easy to handle,install, use and more important its power consumption. please implement as soon as possible. This type of system will expecting for android based lover's. 

USB ports too close together?

Sat Sep 13 20:33:18 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

I don't think this necessarily falls on the USB port spacing. THe problem here is that you have an oversized dongle. Of course, there are many such massive dongles, but the solution seems to be to get a small USB cord attachment for the dongle rather than trying to win a dongle-size versus port-spacing war.

Hybrid laptop/desktop

Sat Sep 13 01:43:29 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

Other than the special vertical stand and the specialized location of the power button, I believe that everything you are looking for is available in the Latitude line. I'm not one-hundred percent sure of what special things could be done to make a side power button a reality, but, while I like the idea, I feel like having the power button exposed would produce unwanted power cycles. Perhaps a power button on the dock would be better?

Triple screen laptop with sliding keyboard

Fri Sep 12 13:20:48 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago


      Few uses of this laptop are: 

  • In gaming application this model of  laptop will give real feeling of players seated facing each other in the front and rear screens.
  • The two screens in the front can be made flat with one above the other in landscape orientation with some external support or with the support mechanism built in the laptop. The keyboard can be slide from the bottom and extended if it has that feature. Now this setup will be like a regular laptop with two screens in the front one above the other vertically. This will be very useful in following cases:
  1. In webinars,  the user can watch the presentation in the screen above and he can type questions in the bottom screen.
  2. For the stock brokers, the currnet market status can be watched in the top screen and in the bottom screen he can do his other work.
         and there can be many more applications. 

     - voxmu.

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