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Alienware Gaming Watch

Oct 6, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

This is kind of a left field idea, but I thought I'd post it to see what other people thought. The idea is for a gaming watch. I know Alienware have partnered with Fossil to put out a watch in the past...but this is a little bit different. I wish I could render a concept image, but I don't have the tools necessary for that, so I'll try and paint a picture. My vision for this is a  sports type watch with a reasonably large circular LCD display, kinda like the moto 360 but cooler and a little more sporty and maybe a glowing/lit up ring around the main physical button on the side.The watch could tell time (obviously) but it could also interact with some games. Take Battlefield 4 as an example. The watch could link up with BF4 and maybe have it display a users K/D on the LCD screen, so rather than hitting tab all the time, you could just glance at your really cool looking watch and see your K/D.Again, this is just an idea....I guess logistically it's a little tricky to do and plus there's nothing stopping other smart watches from implementing something similar - if they wanted to but I thought I'd get the ball rolling on gaming wearables --- what do you think  ? ?  : )   

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Laptops with Antiglare display

Oct 5, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Hello,I am Pathik Patel working as Assistant Professor in an Engineering College. My first suggestion is that as "Dell Vostro" are business laptops still I have never seen that product with Intel i7 Processor why? and Dell Inspiron are home addition laptops but they come with up to i7 processor. One thing I want to ask that where the data computing is require with higher speed in business or home? Obviously in business, because number of softwares with high capacity of processing are to be used in business. Some of those are ANSIS, PTC CREO, Autodesk products, MATLAB etc. are some softwares which requires very high amount of storage space as well as high amount of processing speed. So I request Dell to launch Dell Vostro Laptops with Intel i7 Processor as well as with High Graphics Memory.Second suggestion is that as "Dell Inspiron" are budget laptops but it lack only with Antiglare Display So please launch all inspiron series with antiglare display. Because the LED Glare display distracts in light.Thank you

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Add a link to the Dell forums to the support pull down menu on

Oct 3, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

It would be much easier for customers to find their own solutions via the Dell Forums if Dell didn't make it so hard for new customers to find them. Simply adding a link to the forums to the Support options in the pull down on the home page would go a long way towards correcting this. 

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16:10 1920x1200 or higher resolution screen for high-end laptops

Aug 30, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Dear Dell, There are a few forums on the Internet about this topic and it has even been mentioned here on IdeaStorm a few months ago I know that the industry has shifted to 16:9 1080p and I am not here on a one-man crusade to change this, but I think you should consider offering the choice of a 16:10 screen for high-end laptops. There are a lot of benefits of 16:10 resolution. I just graduated in Engineering and there are many students all over the place who would have bought 16:10 laptops if they had the choice. The same applies to the general public. There are many people studying or working in Engineering, CAM/CAD, Graphic Design, Business etc. that would absolutely love a 16:10 screen. 16:9 just doesn't work here. Even some gamers buy 16:10 monitors. Games with Hor+ scaling are better in 16:9 and with Ver- are better in 16:10 - it's a matter of personal preference. I currently have a 2008 Dell XPS  M1730 16:10 Laptop and I am was thinking to upgrade to an Alienware 17. But I would NEVER EVER downgrade from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080 SEVEN YEARS LATER while paying so much money. I guess I will be left to buy newer parts for my current laptop. As Ralphpeters said in his thread, not everyone buys laptops for watching movies, or playing games for that matter. MS Office and many other software that I regularly use are eating more and more in to the screen space. And yes, people are willing to pay a small premium for 16:10. But I would like to add that most people would look at the price while choosing and they need to be educated and aware of the differences between the  aspect ratios in the form of photo/video explanation and examples.   I want to buy an Alienware 17 and I am not a massive gamer. There are people like me. I just need a portable good looking beast (with lights - haha) that I can take with me all over the place. I use a lot of CAD software (SolidWorks), Business, Photo Editing, Trade and Charting software and you can't imagine how much difference the 120 extra lines make. I also play RTS and FPS games occasionally. Would you please comment on my post? WIll there be any Alienware 17 or 18 with 16:10 screens in the future? Regards,RR

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.NET-only configuration - windows security

Oct 8, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

1. Configure a Windows machine to run .NET only. 2. Use my Hidden Desktop library for all API calls. 3. Add a security interface to the above libraryThat would secure all API calls to the O/S with the logged in user. That same interface might allow logging as well. I think the above could be completed in a couple weeks. 

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Dell Phone

Oct 7, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

How to turn any phone into a Dell Phone? Name might change. More re than an app, but a framework through which any app can be written. Android might form a base for the O/S, but the focus would be data security with biometric ID via Fingerprint Touch and possible alternatives. The he framework would provide a secure portal for rapid app development with security and a public interface for surveillance purposes, with appropriate authorization. I think such a thing could challenge Apple.  Note: fingerprint touch includes server identification to prevent spoofing. This could support mobile voting, with legislative approval, as well as remote identification for government personnel or the very wealthy, for identity theft protection. 

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Bring back your Lollipop "Treats" Campaign!

Sep 28, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

I am marketing student, and I spend lots of time watching comercials (for fun), to see whats out there, and some of the ideas that businesses have come up with. One of my favorite comercials with Dell is the Lollipop Campaign. If you could bring back that fun, upbeat style and made your laptops more inticing to the younger demographic I think it would help your brand gain, and retain customers as they grow up through their years. Dell's #1 thing that they have going for them is their ability to mass customize their laptops. You need to embrace that again, and really sing to your market! Go back to your basics!

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Optional Operating System!

Sep 24, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

I would like to start off by saying that i love my Dell XPS 15, it's a great laptop! However, i've heard many people complaining about getting stuck with the newest version of windows when they buy their new computer. I believe it would be very benefitial to the consumer if they were able to choose which version they preferred, as everyone has different wants and needs. I am personally a fan of Windows 7, and would love the option to have that pre-installed when i purchase my next computer!

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