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Not just a Printer but a pretty Central HUB

Jul 27, 2015

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Looking around most workstation setups, it’s curious to see how in this day and age things remain still so scattered. Then you realize that of all peripherals, the printers are omnipresent and most-importantly – always connected. And when you consider the size of average printer, it’s amazing nobody yet thought of integrating greater multifunctionality within all that estate.Thus - instead of mostly unatractive bland space-grabbing boxes, why not make a well-designed USB 3 device which connects to a computer via a single cable and serves not only as a printer & scanner but...... as an attractive central connection point, which can also display important references and alerts?Image above conceptualises All-In-One: • Printer/ scanner• Appointments Display (with data pulled from Google or system calendar)• Powered stereo speakers (USB or BT)• Clock with Internet weather• Display for SD card content• Printer touchscreen commands• Notifications display• USB hub with 3-4 powered slots• SD/ multicard reader• MP3 player Considering the number of hardware pieces such device would replace, it could sell at several times the price of an average printer, thus hopefully justifying its production/ support costs.Just a thought – but I'd certainly jump to buy one or three:)

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Build my own pc or notebook

Jul 31, 2015

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I've always liked to build my own pcs but I do not like to search for the best matching of them when assembling.I'd like to rely on Dell's experience and/or pre-built possible combinations and parts supply.I also would like to choose the PC on Dell's website, to configure it as I like and then receive the parts for assembling.I think that enthusiast customers (mainly represented by the ALIENWARE brand) could benefit of some discounts and Dell could benefit of manufacturing discounts and the option to sell also tools and consumables.I am not a nerd but I would like to be hired as responsible for this new "NERD DIVISION" in Dell :))))))Ciao

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Dell should replace new laptops or desktops new under warranty for 1 year

Jul 31, 2015

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The reason why dell should give us new products in an system exchange to new becasue in new you dont have to worry about other peoples prroblem with the computer and second you dont have to worry about system currputions in a new dell system and dell should just get rid of refurbished casue refurbished products are not that great as buying a new proudct 

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​Fix Alienware 17 Fan Tables

Dec 1, 2014

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The Alienware 17 (and I believe the 18) have a well-documented problem with heat, especially the NVidia 880M GPU. The main problem these laptops have is a locked down fan table, meaning we cannot set the fan speeds higher than the laptop allows. Normally this would not be a problem but for some reason the fans are locked to a lower RPM than they are capable of; 4600 RPMs for the CPU and 3400 RPMs for the GPU. Both fans are capable of ~5000+ RPMs. It is also interesting that the fan CFM has been lowered as well to ~1.66 for the CPU and ~1.7 for the GPU, down from ~3 for the CPU and up to ~11.7 for the GPU in the Alienware M17X R4. The built in fan table is also sluggish to respond and only allows a few set RPMs instead of a smooth curve. For example the GPU can be 0, 1700, or 3400 RPMS. This means that the GPU will become very hot, 85+ degrees Celsius, before the laptop compensates. It is not uncommon to see 90+C on either the CPU or GPU in these laptops. There is also a point when the fans cannot blow enough air to keep the heatsink cool and will either cause the temperatures to become very hot and/or the laptop will shut off. This is especially noticeable for people that have a high end unlocked i7 CPU or a hot GPU like the 880M. At the very least we need the fans to spin at full RPM to allow for max heat dissipation. It would be even better if we could set our own fan speeds/curves through software like the Aurora has or with a key combination like Clevo has implemented (FN+1=100% fan speed) that runs the fans at full speed. A BIOS based option would also work so that we could choose a fan profile, use the default fan table we have now for a quiet option or something but at least allow users to pick a higher performance, more aggressive option. Ideally a fan control software option would be into the Alienware TactX software which would allow users to customize their fans to what they want, similar to what the Auroras have ( I would also like to address the overclocking options these machines are lacking but without better thermal dissipation it is a moot point. These machines can barely run stock much less overclocked. In summary, the fan tables and fan spin up temperatures should be variable and/or more aggressive instead of arbitrarily limited. There is no reason to limit the thermal dissipation potential of a laptop. Not only would it benefit customers but I'm sure there would be less complaints and service requests which would save Dell/Alienware money. Besides the fan control and CPU overclocking options these are outstanding laptops. It is odd that machines known for their extreme performance and desktop-esque features would suffer from basic problems no previous generation did. I can only speak for myself, but I think a lot of people would agree with me that these are major flaws. I will not be purchasing or recommending another Alienware product if this is not addressed. Thanks for your time.

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Jul 2, 2015

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HiDell Request for an unlock Bios with corrected fan tables, cpu control and CPU advanced features such as VT-d for Alienware 18 instead of crippled Bios and future support for Windows 10.Raised support call with Dell they need more people to see this happening so I'm starting this crowdfunding.Please post if you require this in the Bios release for Alienware 18.The excuse I'm getting is Alienware 18 is discontinued.Thanks for your support

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2015 Alienware R2 17" Laptop Heat Fix, Here is how.

May 19, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Add 4 custom fan settings in the bios.  Silent, normal, performance, Extreme gaming, user. Also allow fan speed customization (heat to fan speed ratio) in your Alienware AW command center. in the alienware forum there are 100 pages of compliants about overheating. R2 owners lougeAlso this one.Thank you for your time. Please save my laptop, and gaming experience.

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xps 14 FHD (NOT QHD) infinity touch display, 16gb ram intel HD 6100 i7

Jul 20, 2015

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a 14" XPS with FHD touchscreen infinity display (not UHD or QHD), i7, 12-16gb ram, intel 6100 iris graphics, 256SSD and same design as the new XPS 13 would be the ultimate laptop for students and professionals alike !  such a shame that you have at your disposal such a phenomenal design like the xps 13 that is hindered by the limited 8gb of ram and the weaker 5500 graphics (not to mention the QHD screen instead of a FHD one that is resulting in a weaker performance and battery life) i believe that a 14" would give you more room to enhance it with more ram and better graphics...

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LED light control

Jul 14, 2015

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Many laptops come with extremely bright and annoying status LED lights in the front of the chassis. On my current laptop, it was so annoying that I bought black nail lacquer to cover them. No brand let's the user take control of these lights with a program, so I think it would be wise by Dell to be first. It might not be a revolutionary feature, but it sure is convenient.

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fully custom alienware 17 and 18

Jul 28, 2014

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we are paying a premium price for our alienware laptops why cant we customize them. they are averitised as fully customizable but are not. i recently ordered a 17 i was forced from a 780m to the r9 m290x since i wanted a laptop with a blu-ray drive under $4k i also wanted to upgrade my cpu but could not... i understand part of why you all do this is so you can ship them faster but what is wrong with doing it like most other gaming companies prebuilt fast ship models or a fully custom option with a slightly longer wait time.. i wanted to replace my 17 already with a 18 infavor of sli/crossfire but you cannot get bluray at all i just dont understand this reasoning do i need to take my buisness back to falcon northwest.

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Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Jan 7, 2015

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I've just found out that Dell in it's wisdom have discontinued the 18 inch models in their laptop range.I think this is a VERY short sighted decision.Alienware are marketed as and I quote "The most powerful laptop in the universe" end quote.Dell have released a second rate device called an "AMP" which is "supposed" to increase the 17,15 nd 13 inch's video power, long story short - It doesn't.So this being the case, why would Dell remove what is known worldwide to be one of the best and most powerful laptops available from a range dedicated to gaming that is not only marketed as "All powerful" but also the best in the world.Not a happy camper.IMO - A very bad decision.Bring back the king of laptops........

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