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Horizontal and Vertical sliding Dual Screen Laptop

Mon Jul 25 12:38:29 GMT 2016 - 12:38 PM

Well, it's a pretty interesting idea. Such kind of device could be useful for me as a tool for writing college papers. As a student, I'm struggling with taking help with research paper on SmartPaperHelp in a one screen notebook. Just pretend how it's uncomfortable to make a research for your writing on the one screen. You have to use a browser to search for the information and using the editor at the same time. Your idea can solve this problem, thank you.

Build An Androide Based Phone/PDA/MP3 Player/All Round Media Device.

Sun Jul 24 16:34:36 GMT 2016 - Yesterday

Truely said, it is highly recommended in today's world. Many mobile based apps are taking the market like storm, let it be for music, movies, knowledge, entertainment or anything else. So if it can be compatible with these famous apps for music and movies, it could be boon. Or at least be compatible with top music player apps available or top movie streaming apps for both android or iOS.

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