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Replace my cable box with a Wyse thin client

Mon Sep 15 20:07:51 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thanks Cy, me too! Just think it would be so cool if there was a Dell Wyse in every home and Dell is positioned to enhance the user experience on something as fundamental as in home entertainment. I think it would open the door to many more services and solutions by Dell for consumers and businesses alike.

PC with more than 0 and 1

Mon Sep 15 20:02:51 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

It is all part of the process fmaneiras. I enjoy talking through ideas with people because it many times sparks more ideas. :)

Replace my cable box with a Wyse thin client

Mon Sep 15 20:00:32 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I was thinking of the existing coaxial cable as well but there are situations where people don't have them in every room. Even so, I think the majority of people do. I look forward to seeing how the community reacts to this idea. :)

USB ports too close together?

Mon Sep 15 19:54:53 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Hi cy_j,
If you think don't go for larger spacing usb port. Provide a three usb ports (2 usb ports right side or back side of the laptop  and 1 port will be on left side) For an example: Inspiron 1545 has three ports. two on left side of the laptop and one on right side. It is very helpful for all those user having multiple port purpose.

Now a days, Similar  Laptop models are having only two usb ports. (mention Dell XPS 14 z model ). If , i,m using one port. Other port  is very difficult to use. In a while i purchased one dell wireless mouse. How can i plug the wireless dongle into the usb. 

We need "Inspiron Owner Club"

Mon Sep 15 19:32:15 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Hi  Cy_J,
We need inspiron club everything will be same as xps and Alienware club. I suggest something more like to be 
  1. Be a part of Owner club tab in Dell community.
  2. Description of Inspiron (Purpose of inspiron and also try to add on purpose of xps & alienware club seperately)
  3. Determine what is the need of Inspiron community.
  4. Ask club members suggestion and issues frequently.
  5. Talk with community officials.
  6. Find out what types of forum have and have not been done in the recent past.
  7. Determine what types of activities our  members have interest in and abilities to do.
  8. Consider the skills possessed by club members and their families.
  9. List all of the activities in the main window on Inspiron Club.
  10. Publish the rank activities in Inspiron club to  in order of importance and interest, consider forming a committee to develop priorities fixing issue.
  11. Inspiron Club  members will learn organizational skills in developing such as both software and hardware issues. 
  12. publish the Document Inspiron club's efforts with photos(dell branded with inspiron), videotape (inspiron issue related ), or written notes of our Product. (tip to how to use Inspiron laptop's)
  13. Inspiron Club will reinforces the learning experience in Laptop club.
  14. Feel good about inspiron  club's contribution to the dell community and members' positive learning experience.
  15. Do this by asking participants to share their issues and enhancements  as well as helping them to think about the future product of dell.

PC with more than 0 and 1

Mon Sep 15 17:35:03 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Another thing would be 10 transistor for numbers and 27  for the letters and other for characters, only this.

Hybrid laptop/desktop

Mon Sep 15 17:02:44 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Ok, let's put it this way; Is it difficult to make side power button on laptop? The idea of simple vertical stand can be user's choice.

thank you pydsigner and Cy_J for your comment.


PC with more than 0 and 1

Mon Sep 15 16:49:42 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Perhaps the  difference capacity between the transistor and eliminating bit 0, so being filled a transistor, the energy passes to the next, starting from the lowest to highest.

Replace my cable box with a Wyse thin client

Mon Sep 15 16:34:30 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Good question!

The pipe of data that is currently coming into my home from Cox Communications services my phone, internet and HD cable telvision (3 boxes). So in terms of connectivity from a bandwidth perspective, we should be ok. 

The only issue would then just be how you access that data at the point of each Dell WYSE thin client that would replace a cable box. Cable boxes leverage a dedicated coaxial connection to pull in the signal / data. I would think that a similar adapter (in lieu of or in addition to a network card) would need to be added to the Dell WYSE thin client to be able to pull in data. 

Your concern is valid because it wouldn't work if we were to set it up like a traditional Dell WYSE client that accesses info over a WIFI network. 

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