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Introduction to Cloud Computing

Mon Oct 12 11:46:20 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

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We need a real Business Laptop with a real 16:10 screen

Mon Oct 12 08:45:58 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

There are perfectly legitimate reasons to have 16:9 displays, but what bugs me the most is that there are no options at all for those of us who want 16:10 or 3:2 in a high-performance machine -- unless we go to Apple.  (Microsoft's new Surface Book is brilliant, but I want something more powerful with a 45-watt processor.)  I can understand that with cheaper (that is, less expensive) panels in 16:9, that ratio is more popular with manufacturers... but to see 16:10 completely disappear is devastating.

Dual Boot Windows/Android for Venue Tablets?

Mon Oct 12 06:40:28 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

Tablets running Windows eight are often powerful in their claim, however on the go, generally it will leave a trifle to be desired. If you favor the robot expertise on your pill on the go, however the desktop expertise at a keyboard, you'll be able to install robot on your x86 pill, dual boot, and find the simplest of each worlds.Click here the folks over at MakeUseOf have a fairly complete walkthrough from begin to complete on a way to drop robot on a USB stick, tweak your Windows eight tablet's UEFI settings, disable Secure Boot, and at last, install robot from the USB stick on your pill. the method does not take too long, and once you are finished you will be ready to switch operational systems whenever you wish to.

.NET-only configuration - windows security

Fri Oct 09 10:56:08 GMT 2015 - Oct 9, 2015

It was originally intended to be a consumer privacy application, however, it could be used by hackers to crack any part of Windows.  When I embarked upon the project, I did not anticipate writing a .NET wrapper for every single Windows API, nor did I anticipate that I would hack the Windows logon screen and all related security measures.

.NET-only configuration - windows security

Thu Oct 08 21:12:04 GMT 2015 - Oct 8, 2015

Note: Hidden Desktop was written in .Net and contains a wrapper for nearly every function in the Windows API, except the GDI functions. Every security API, all with easy to use code. It was available for free download for a few years, with hacker sites hitting it about 100 times/day. 

So, I assume nearly Windows machine has been breached. 

Universal data access interface

Wed Oct 07 03:10:30 GMT 2015 - Oct 7, 2015

Dell purchased Perot Systems in 2009.  Perot Systems provides services for healthcare and banking (among other industries) which require secure data access.

Their banking services division might also benefit from a standard in financial protocols (might also be applicable to healthcare and inventory) called a "transaction stack":  Promise Language.

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