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Radio en las computadoras

Tue Sep 30 12:57:01 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I'm not much of a hardware tech, but I do know that laptops today tend to have their bluetooth and wifi radios integrated into one card. I wouldn't expect it to be too challenging to integrate FM/AM radios similarly, but again, I am not a hardware engineer.

Solar panel for Dell Laptops

Tue Sep 30 12:51:55 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

It is worth noting that, while having solar panels built into laptops seems to be a popular idea, current solar panel technologies will make it either difficult or impossible to have the charge time that you desire. Depending on the size of laptop, power consumption, and available sunlight, using the laptop might still use battery. For instance, modern PVs are generally considered to produce 8-10 watt-hours per square foot. A 15 inch laptop might have around one square foot of lid space. Most laptop chargers are rated either at 65 or 95 watts, indicating that even under optimal conditions, it might take 6 times as long to charge using solar as it would using a standard power supply.

Why not make webcams and mics optional again in laptops?

Mon Sep 29 17:31:03 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

Dear Cy_J,

Thank you for your replay,

Hopefully I was clear enough with my clarification, atleast clear enough to get trough to the marketing and ingeneering department or must I say your Chinese manufacturors ?

Because I get the idea that the Chinese manufacturors are the ones who are deciding what will be produced or not and in that manner of speaking I can imagine there will be logistic problems not due to that but due to the communication problems.

Perhaps time to resource your production again so communication problems wont ocure and are put off as logistic problems.

Correct me if i`m wrong ofcourse.

An other sulution might to to limit the amount of models that can be fully customized, just take a 12.1 inch, 13,3 inch, 14.1 inch, 15.6 inch and a 17.3 inch model laptop.

Suppose this wont give to much logistic problems.

Still there are some remaining questions to answer:

1-Is there any proof done by the marketing department that consumers really demand an integrated webcam with microfone or do customers just accept this?

2-Why doesn`t DeLL respond on the ongoing privacy risks with these build in devices?

3-Why did DeLL chance policy concerning custom build laptops (everything can be custom build except the webcam and mic)?

The only explination , or must i say excuse, are logistic, inventory and costs.

Sorry not really convincing explinations if you talk about custum build laptops, actially if you talk about custom build in general.

Pity DeLL was such a genuin brand.

But suppose that was "Once apon a time" .

Wit kind regards.

Alienware Power Button - Opening and closing the Lid

Sat Sep 27 18:41:04 GMT 2014 - Sep 27, 2014

I've been thinking some on this issue as it was brought up with another laptop. The biggest challenge with the button on the side is how to tote it around when necessary without bumping that power button. I would suggest that if this feature is added,
1) The button in the inside is left alone
2) The external button is given a cover of sorts, possibly like the networking section shields that some laptops are given. Whether this guard flips up or slides away doesn't really matter.

Better and more precise touchpad

Thu Sep 25 18:53:42 GMT 2014 - Sep 25, 2014

Just read this thread that i found on the net from 2012. Pretty much summorize everything.


Again Dell Branded logo on Charger!!

Thu Sep 25 12:47:08 GMT 2014 - Sep 25, 2014

Where can i find the sticker in my charger?

Actually, I purchased another dell laptop from directly through website. But, result was same. No logo on  the charger.

Help me .

Incorporate laptops with scanners

Wed Sep 24 15:46:20 GMT 2014 - Sep 24, 2014

I originally visualized it along the same lines as the portable scanners available today. Single page. This would allow for quicker upload times. The majority of documents come through a few pages at a time. If medical staff had the ability to scan the documentation when it was received it could possibly eliminate 90% of bulk scanning. 
I could go on and on about the impact this simple feature could have on clinical work flow... However,  I will keep it simple for now. If this seems like something Dell would be interested in please let me know!

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