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Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Jan 7, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

I've just found out that Dell in it's wisdom have discontinued the 18 inch models in their laptop range.I think this is a VERY short sighted decision.Alienware are marketed as and I quote "The most powerful laptop in the universe" end quote.Dell have released a second rate device called an "AMP" which is "supposed" to increase the 17,15 nd 13 inch's video power, long story short - It doesn't.So this being the case, why would Dell remove what is known worldwide to be one of the best and most powerful laptops available from a range dedicated to gaming that is not only marketed as "All powerful" but also the best in the world.Not a happy camper.IMO - A very bad decision.Bring back the king of laptops........

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Use Floating Touch to Enlarge Mobile buttons and links

Dec 9, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

So Sony has this technology called Floating Touch which enables touchscreen mobile devices to use hover commands like a PC would. Where you hover over a link and you get more details on the link. So I had the idea of using this technology to enlarge buttons and links on the mobile browser. Like if you wanted to full screen a video on youtube the button can be rather small to try and touch but if by hovering over it this enlarged the button for you it would be much easier! Same with links and any other thing that would make navigation easier! I know this sounds like an idea for Apple or something lol but hey I can see this (if cost effective) being widely adopted.More info on Floating Touch here - bet there are a number of ways you could use this for better touchscreen navigation and control like scrolling without touching the screen and worrying about clicking on something.

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More Laptops/Desktops offerings with Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or ChromeOS

Dec 1, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

It would be great to see more offerings from Dell with Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or ChromeOS as a operating systems, e.g. entry level laptops, desktops computers or thin clients. Linux is a very versatile operating system and in many ways more advanced than others such as Windows or MacOS. There's generally very broad driver support and Desktop-focussed operating systems such as Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or ChromeOS have matured a lot over time with a strong oren source community so that they are robust and very easy to use.

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Strengthen laptop ribbon clips

Jan 5, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Had a technician out to replace the LCD on my Alienware M14x-R2 and he said that the optical drive clip was broken, which requires the motherboard be replaced.  2 problems1) The motherboard should not have to be replaced just to replace that stupid little plastic clip that is really removable.2) Can't Dell come up with a better way than that stupid flimsy clip to hold a ribbon cable in?  Dell used to do it better.

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Vantablack Case Option

Dec 26, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Greetings, I was recently browsing the site and applying the highest options available just to see what the maximum cost would be on your Area-51. While quickly realizing that I'll need to sell a sliver of my liver to ever achieve the funds required, I came up with a novel idea that I believe some of your more well-off-than-I customers might enjoy. What about providing an option for a vantablack case on the Area-51 and this new line of laptops? If my understanding is correct, this would provide an extremely interesting visual effect where anything not covered in vantablack would appear to be floating in absolute nothingness, and really just screw with your perception in general. It's a new technology that hasn't yet been applied to any wide spread commercial use, to my knowledge, and I'm sure that it would provide a truly unique effect. Who the heck even knows how it would look with the lighting effects applied! You could call it the the:1:) Area-51 Vantablack2:) Area-51 Void3:) Area-51 TrES-2b ( TrES-2b )4:) Area-51 Tenebrae (Cough..) ...or some other name better suited for such a uniquely dark optional feature. That said, I have absolutely no idea how much such a thing would cost to manufacture...and there is the potential issue of heating, seeing as how the trapped light will become thermal energy. If it can be done, however, at a relatively decent cost and without compromising performance through heating issues...this would be one heck of a unique option that I can see a lot of people taking for very obvious reasons! Keep in mind that the majority of the human population has NEVER seen vantablack; it's something that our brains have a great deal of difficulty making sense of. This is definitely going to produce a very unique look...and you guys could be the first individuals, that I'm aware of, to commercualize it for aesthetic applications. If it takes off, this could end up becoming the signature default case for Alienware computers; it'll be something that instantly catches someone's eyes because,'s quite literally something they're unlikely to have ever seen anywhere else. Just a thought, and hope you enjoy! - Tenebrae

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Computer Recycling AND market Dell Equipment

Dec 29, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Dell has a national program accepting computer equipment through Goodwill for recycling.  Suppose Dell develops a national recycling program through select computer resellers that service and support new and used equipment where the donor of the recycled equipment would build credits towards the purchase of a replacement Dell product through the reseller?  This is a classic win-win-win scenario.  The donor does the right thing by recycling the equipment, the reseller will provide the equipment and Dell will move replacement product. Product pricing becomes secondary to the consumer because they are locked in with their recycling credits toward purchase. The reseller would also be a Microsoft certified refurbisher and also provide upgrade options for existing equipment.  This program could be implemented on a beta test immediately in Wilmington, DE, with potential rollout to over 250 established computer stores within 6 months of succesful beta test. 

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Biodegradable Packing material

Apr 19, 2007

204 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

When I received my 32" lcd screen it had an extremely large amount of Styrofoam. Dell is working to be environmentally friendly, maybe they should consider a better packing material at least one that will biodegrade. Status Update:  Dell's latest strategy on better packaging for the environment can be found here and here.

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