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Inertia reel into power supply

Jan 18, 2017

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Status: New

I tend to hot dek and carry my piower supply with me all the time. THe annoying thing about this is the way the power cable and power supply seem to be strabngers to one another. They have not been designed for purpose. So whay not look at incoproating a inertia reel or make it easier for users to wrap the cable round their power supply? Taking the idea further you could also consider including a way to dock the plug inton the power supply to keep it all secure and easy to pack and un pack. My thinkpad from ten years ago made it easy to coil the power cable to the supply yet my current model Latitude does not.

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External mobile/portable GPU

Jan 18, 2017

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Status: New

Motivation: Everybody knows it: We would like to have a decent ultrabook with long battery life, high portability and sleek design like an XPS-13. On the other hand, sometimes we need a bit more juice to play games or do some photo or video editing. However, nobody wants to buy multiple maschines, right? Moreover, if you travel a lot, this is not an option either. You would not take two laptops with you on the plane, would you? I find myself often in the situation that I stay in a place for a few weeks or months before coming back home. Thus, I have to decide whether I carry a 15 inch laptop with me to work every day or if I prefer the 13 inch more portable solution. In the latter case, gaming and video editing is virtually impossible and photo editing a pain in th a...  Idea: Make an external GPU solution similar to the Razer Core. However, do not put a Desktop-GPU in there but a Laptop-GPU. This way, you can keep it small and portable. I guess something in between a 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch external hard drive should be the right size. Also, I do not expect that thing to be upgradable like the Core. To get it small and mostly noise-free a custom design is required. So I am totally fine with buying a new one every other year. It should look nice and sleek, though. Extras: I would recommend combining the device with some other functionality content creators typically need in order to further increase its value. Therefore, it should definitely have a build-in card reader and usb hub. Also, since it is a GPU, of course a displayport and maybe hdmi are essential. I could further imagine, though this might be a pro version, offering internal flash storage. Ethernet might also be nice to have. In any way, those additional features should not compromise the portability of the device. If it doesn't fit in my hand-lauggage with my xps-13, my camera and a few lenses, it is too large.

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Dell Inspiron 7459 AIO: help avoiding unexpected shutowns by visualizing power state better

Jan 17, 2017

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Status: New

Several unexpected shutdowns happen because I cannot, without peering around the corner, see the power-sleep-state button on the right side of the Dell 7459 AIO monitor.   Could this problem be avoided by putting a visible power state notice on the screen? Apart from this disadvantage the Dell Inspiron 7459 AIO computer works perfectly and is more than sufficient for my needs. AAXMAN

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Unstructured supplement service data

Jan 11, 2017

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Status: New

I have discovered the space or Lake between customers and business which is the ability to get any business contract without googling or the use of Internet and sometimes searching a company number take time, which will lead to customer lots  For more information please contact me at and you can also own it Thank you for your time. Looking forward hearing from you Mr Dell 

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Computer Mouse Finger Straps!

Jan 16, 2017

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Status: New

Computer Mouse Finger Straps!: These seem unneccessary but once you try them you will notice that you no longer have to hold and guide the mouse, you can simply move your hand around and the mouse follows... UX is enhanced dramatically! See Link to Similar Tech for Mobile Devices!: See Concept Image:

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AVG pre-installed

Jun 9, 2016

8 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

Dell has pre-installed McAfee for years, and now I think it's high time to end that partnership and partner with AVG to pre-install their software on new Dell systems. AVG offers a free antivirus that never expires, and it's better than Windows 10's built-in Windows Defender (i.e. you can't schedule scans in Defender, but in AVG). When you purchase a Dell system, you can select either the free edition of AVG, or a paid subscription. Most people would want the free edition, but to get more features (such as Firewall), you would have to purchase a subscription. I think pre-installing AVG would be a good option for Dell, because it would be inconvenient for people to uninstall McAfee and install AVG.

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Incorporate web cams in monitors

Jun 30, 2007

59 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

How about building webcams into Dell's line of LCD monitors.Status Update: This idea has been partially implemented with the release of Dell's new UltraSharp Multimedia Monitors. Thank you for posting! 

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