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make more portable and powerfull laptops

Sun May 03 19:56:18 GMT 2015 - 2 days ago

To a large extent power is limited by the size and thermal capabilities of a system. However, Dell's current XPS systems attempt as much as possible to put power in a small form factor. What improvements do you still want to see?

Increase Alienware Expansion Slots

Tue Apr 28 12:53:15 GMT 2015 - Apr 28, 2015

Perhaps the designers were thinking about the limits of the 28-lane i7-5820K? Three graphics cards on 28 lanes will about max that out if I'm calculating correctly. I understand that the 5930X has a ridiculous amount of lanes, but there's a possiblity in my mind that the designers did not want to suggest more bandwidth than is actually available to the base processor.

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