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Price in Quotation not stay in Premier portal

Feb 4, 2016

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Status: New

Hi, I have noticed when the quote across the month but still within the quotation validity, the price will get changed in Premier ordering portal. It caused our ordering process difficult. I have to make sure the amount in the quotation is correct right before I submit the request for approval. But still, I checked 2 days ago and order today, the shipment and handling charge changed!! It is not a big amount, but I have to amend our PO otherwise it will cause mismatch when invoice arrived. Few months back I had the same issue in which all the prices get changed, and required our Account manager from Dell to honour the order. Can the Premier portal be more professional? Thx  

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Lightweight Precision

Nov 19, 2011

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Status: Partially Implemented

I would like to see a Light Weight (truly portable) PRecision class Laptop.  I need the graphis processing power of a Precision Laptop to run My Graphics intense CAD Software.  I also Travel a lot. When in the office I dock the Laptop and us a Large Screen.  Very few Designers, or CAD jickies work on the 15 or 17 inch screen offered on the current Laptops.  When traveling, it is more convenient to have a computer that I can actually open on an airplane and wont require a roller bag to carry around.  I would like to see a 14" precision Laptop with the same graphics and processing power as the the current 15 and 17 inch models. Previous versions of the Precision line did offer a 14" scfreen on ocassion.Status Update: While it may be a larger screen than you asked for the Precision M3800 starts at only 4.15 Lbs. Thank you for posting!

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What is the SSD effect on data center performance?

Efficient and greener data centers

Apr 12, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Migrating data centers to SSDs creates a great impact not only to the performance, eve to the environment. There are major factors under which it can be analyzed:1. Performance.It's aknown fact that SSDs can perform more efficiently compared to their conventional counterparts.2. Efficiency.SSDs are silent, consume very less power and generate very less amount of heat. Data centers will be faster compared to that traditional model.3. Impact.As efficiency is explained, the impact is very high. Power consumption of data centers get reduced, investment on cooling solutions can be reduced and data centers will not disturb the natural environment making it greener.

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Monitor Keyboard combo for desktop

Jan 28, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I would love to have a desktop pc but hate to have a monitor standing on my desk when not in use. I use my laptop and don't move it around so when not in use I turn down the screen and close the laptop. I wish there was a single keyboard-monitor unit that looked like a laptop that can fold closed, but plugged into the tower. Or have a fully functioning laptop that with a flip of the switch can become just a keyboard and screen, bypassing the internal hardrive to plug into the tower.I can't imagine it would be difficult to make a keyboard-screen that closes instead of a separate keyboard and stand up monitor. It would be no larger or heavier than a laptop so it would be convienant to close and move off the work surface. Sometime I end up using my Dell as a writing surface when it is closed. This new monitor keyboard unit could have a flat writing surface on the back of the monitor to be a work surface when closed.  Well, thats my wish. Please pc people consider this idea! thanks  

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Dell inspiron mini AMD Variant

Feb 2, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

So the title says it all... againThe AMD APUs are great for HTPCs simply because the performance, CPU and GPU that you get in a single package is impressive. When you get into the AMD A10 APUs, the performance is really impressive, playing most modern games at 1080p with medium settings fairly easily.If this could be put inside an Inspiron Mini fo dual use as a mini gaming/htpc/productivity machine for the living room, id be all over this like flies on honey.My only real issue with the current machine is the lack of HDD/SSD options and 1 gb of ram.The majority of common computing multimedia tasks aside from gaming are handled by the celeron perfectly. Even massive 1080p video files are chomped through, but the AMD APU variant would be on a different level.

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SD Card Slot Holder

Jan 19, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I had a thought for the SD card holder slot. The plastic piece that comes with the laptops should be an adapter for micro or mini SD cards. They could make it just like a SIM card holder. granted that most SD cards already come with adapters, but if they made the plastic one that comes with the laptop, it would match the contours of the laptop, and look better. I wouldn't think that this would cost much to make. Just a thought. 

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Computer for People with Dementia

Jan 27, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Hi - My mother is in an assisted living facility and her children are scattered around. We would love to Skype with her, but she is easily confused. I once tried to have her turn her TV to a particular channel, and she was unable to do it. She couldn't find the on button, couldn't find the remote, etc.I would love for her to have a computer with a large screen that ONLY did Skype. It could have a large ON button on the front with large letters that say ON. Once on, the desktop could either have one icon for Skype, or Skype could open automatically. I could get on the phone with her and say, "Push the big button at the top that says 'on'" and then (touchscreen would be great) "Touch the square that says Skype. I'll try to connect, and when it pops up, touch 'accept' to accept the call. I have to believe that there are probably many people in the same situation, and will be many more in the future. To be able to connect with relatives far away would be an amazing enhancement to their quality of life. My mother has dementia, not Alzheimer's.Thanks for considering.Mary Tigner-Rasanen

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