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Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Jan 7, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

I've just found out that Dell in it's wisdom have discontinued the 18 inch models in their laptop range.I think this is a VERY short sighted decision.Alienware are marketed as and I quote "The most powerful laptop in the universe" end quote.Dell have released a second rate device called an "AMP" which is "supposed" to increase the 17,15 nd 13 inch's video power, long story short - It doesn't.So this being the case, why would Dell remove what is known worldwide to be one of the best and most powerful laptops available from a range dedicated to gaming that is not only marketed as "All powerful" but also the best in the world.Not a happy camper.IMO - A very bad decision.Bring back the king of laptops........

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Incorporate web cams in monitors

Jun 30, 2007

51 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

How about building webcams into Dell's line of LCD monitors.Status Update: This idea has been partially implemented with the release of Dell's new UltraSharp Multimedia Monitors. Thank you for posting! 

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Android L for Dell Venue.

Nov 4, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

As you know, the new version of android is Android 5.0 Lollipop. It comes with various new features that look good on a tablet like venue 7 or 8. It was released on November 3rd. I just wanted to see the update coming from Dell for the venue tablets. Can you tell me when the lollipop update reach the venue tablet?  

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Buttons that slide through files

Jan 6, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

What if there were buttons that slide through files. Start with two buttons:forward and backward. You press backward and you see the last file that was used. Press forward and it goes back to the other file. It would allow for reaching files fast. If you do not remember the name of the file these button will help you find it.

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What is the SSD effect on data center performance?

Efficient and greener data centers

Apr 12, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Migrating data centers to SSDs creates a great impact not only to the performance, eve to the environment. There are major factors under which it can be analyzed:1. Performance.It's aknown fact that SSDs can perform more efficiently compared to their conventional counterparts.2. Efficiency.SSDs are silent, consume very less power and generate very less amount of heat. Data centers will be faster compared to that traditional model.3. Impact.As efficiency is explained, the impact is very high. Power consumption of data centers get reduced, investment on cooling solutions can be reduced and data centers will not disturb the natural environment making it greener.

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What is the SSD effect on data center performance?

Performance and Efficiency

Apr 14, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

We already have a few Equallogic hybrid arrays which have provided a decent bump in performance versus their non-SSD counterparts, but are looking to start transitioning to all SSD storage arrays for the increased performance to support our increasingly virtualized environment (will be approaching 98% virtualized by EOY) while also reducing our power draw and cooling requirements.  Additionally looking down the road 5+ years we feel that all flash arrays will become the norm as costs continue to come down, and technologies like dedupe and compression become common place in tier 1 storage.As we make the move to AFA storage, we plan to make use of SSDs in our ESXi hosts for server side caching via vFRC or PernixData's FVP to offload demand from our SAN and provide a better experience to our customers.

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What is the SSD effect on data center performance?

Improve Pricing

Apr 9, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

I am a HUGE fan and believer in the SSD - it is the truest and most "real" upgrade you can make to your computer to see and feel a real difference since the days of low-memory systems, where upgrading RAM would allow more to run at once, giving the feel of a faster computer. That said, I have yet to work on an enterprise project where I could justify the price of SSD's for the storage medium.  Granted, I have not worked on mission-critical, cutting-edge projects either, but while I feel that it would make a significant and meaningful upgrade to any organization, the simply fact of the matter is that the current cost is prohibitive to MOST organizations.  The technology has still priced itself out of the range of every day businesses. Take the following, for example: Retail/Consumer SSD: Samsung 840 EVO SATA/500GB - $274 Dell-branded/cobranded enterprise SSD: Dell SSD Value(?) SATA/400GB - $1,268 Slap a SAS interface on it: Dell SSD Value(?) SAS/400GB - $2,611 What is this? Presumably the same thing orderable in the system above?: Dell aftermarket SSD SAS/400GB - $3,500 At FIVE TIMES the price of a consumer SSD, that is hard to justify, and hard to show any ROI, except in cases where extreme performance is required and the budget reflects that need (and budget makers/approvers understand such a need).  It's no wonder that people are buying their own SSD's to populate in their servers. Dell has LONG over-inflated prices on add-on products ... just for illustration: New 900GB/10K SAS, Part Number: PCDHP From Dell - $650: From Yobitech - $335: New 1TB NLSAS, Part Number: MTKFK From Dell - $560 From ServerSupply - $255 If Dell and Samsung are serious about "owning" the industry when it comes to SSD in the datacenter, they HAVE to do better on price.

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Use Floating Touch to Enlarge Mobile buttons and links

Dec 9, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

So Sony has this technology called Floating Touch which enables touchscreen mobile devices to use hover commands like a PC would. Where you hover over a link and you get more details on the link. So I had the idea of using this technology to enlarge buttons and links on the mobile browser. Like if you wanted to full screen a video on youtube the button can be rather small to try and touch but if by hovering over it this enlarged the button for you it would be much easier! Same with links and any other thing that would make navigation easier! I know this sounds like an idea for Apple or something lol but hey I can see this (if cost effective) being widely adopted.More info on Floating Touch here - bet there are a number of ways you could use this for better touchscreen navigation and control like scrolling without touching the screen and worrying about clicking on something.

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More Laptops/Desktops offerings with Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or ChromeOS

Dec 1, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

It would be great to see more offerings from Dell with Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or ChromeOS as a operating systems, e.g. entry level laptops, desktops computers or thin clients. Linux is a very versatile operating system and in many ways more advanced than others such as Windows or MacOS. There's generally very broad driver support and Desktop-focussed operating systems such as Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or ChromeOS have matured a lot over time with a strong oren source community so that they are robust and very easy to use.

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Strengthen laptop ribbon clips

Jan 5, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Had a technician out to replace the LCD on my Alienware M14x-R2 and he said that the optical drive clip was broken, which requires the motherboard be replaced.  2 problems1) The motherboard should not have to be replaced just to replace that stupid little plastic clip that is really removable.2) Can't Dell come up with a better way than that stupid flimsy clip to hold a ribbon cable in?  Dell used to do it better.

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