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Fix Alienware M14xr2 Throttling Issue

Thu Jul 31 10:16:43 GMT 2014 - 10:16 AM

Still having the same issues

And it would be the simplest fix in the world, just give us access back to the old BIOS that did not have this problem BAM

Random Acts of Laptop

Wed Jul 30 13:16:31 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Regarding the Sponsorship and Giving Page, this is oriented to the specific agenda of one organization. The point of what I'm proposing here is that a group of people with reasonably common interests can sponsor technology resources for their agenda. I use my situation as an example. This should not be viewed as a solicitation for equipment on my part - it's an idea for a crowdsourcing site.

Most crowdfunding is aimed at collecting cash. A vendor sponsored site focused largely on their own products may be a means of increasing sales, and may also support charitable and community development goals.

To the extent that I've had any dealings with foundations, I've found that they prefer to fund 501C3 organizations.  Does this really make sense for someone hanging out with friends at coffee shops teaching acquaintances how to program?

One group of donors are most likely to be interested in 'community development', meaning that they would like to see people with lower earnings potential lifted to a higher potential.  State agencies fund such groups all the time, but usually this is for classes of 30 people or so, and often the money eventually tracks back to the federal government. However, some people aren't easily equipped to do class two or three times a week - a one-on-one in the nearest convenient locale is all that's practical.

Another wants a particular non-profit to get their tech resources upgraded - this might be an animal shelter and they want some eCommerce means for collecting donations.  The site already exists, it just doesn't 'cover the distance'.

A third group might be a business or businesses that would like to have access to new talent. In short, as soon as I get someone to the point where they can drive database transactions through a UI, someone will hire that person.  They may not be able to train 'from scratch', however if someone offers to help they'll buy in.

Do not save an Backlit keyboards!

Wed Jul 30 11:38:20 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Nope, I do not miss other features, other than that I'm quite satisfied! it has awesome CPU, GPU combination, 1080p screen, runs cool and quiet, excellent price! Actually I wish if this GPU was included already in the smaller 14" version. Ohh, the mSata port would be also nice! 

Random Acts of Laptop

Wed Jul 30 09:55:18 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I would ask the people I'm mentoring to connect to the crowdfunding site and post updates for those that contributed at the respective level. In short, if someone is expecting me to mentor for 10 hours for their contribution, then the person that I'm mentoring leaves a note describing topic and progress at the end of an hour session. What builds up from this over time is a record of sessions and matters discussed, screen shots of projects, and perhaps a link to a finished app.

If I'm working on a project for a charitable non-profit, particularly if the donor drops a hint as to what kind of non-profit they want the work done for, then the non-profit logs in and makes a quick note of progress.  It is up to them to confirm that I'm contributing as claimed.

This is, in general, a 'meet or exceed' goal, it's likely that I would do more than the minimum. Having someone document their progress on-line would be particularly interesting to potential employers.  That would be an incentive to leave progress reports, as well as stick with the program.

Water-free Liquid Mobile Cooling System

Tue Jul 29 23:09:34 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

@Cy_J: No, I haven't. It seems that they're still working on it. Yet they manufacture Aurora's Liquid Cooling System (http://asetek.com/customers/gaming-pcs/alienware-cooling.aspx).

At some point, it was discussed in various forums.

A prototype was made M18x era.

Impossible to purchase Alienware laptop

Tue Jul 29 20:59:16 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

Thank you for the feedback mhorton. Each region decides the specifications offered in their area as well as the pricing which is why you will see differences between the USA site and other countries. 

Do not save an Backlit keyboards!

Tue Jul 29 20:50:26 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

Thank you for the feedback Rebel333. Are there any other options you think should be included in the Latitude 3000 series? 

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