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Dell {MultiTouch : MultiTouch Region} Drafting Display

Fri Nov 21 02:39:08 GMT 2014 - 2:39 AM



I see your point...


I'll post 2 more potential Screen Sizes.



Viewable Size (X x Y):

24.00" X x 13.50" Y


Pixel Per Inch (PPI):




Viewable Size (X x Y):

20.00" X x 11.25" Y


Pixel Per Inch (PPI):




Dell is a Tier 1 Corporation that makes or sources Monitors that are far better than Wacoms' Monitors... I know Dell has the ability to make this Consummate.

Add the White LED color option to new AlienFX Command Center 4.0

Thu Nov 20 22:36:02 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you everyone. When looking at Alienwares new products coming this holiday (Alienware 13, Alienware Alpha, Alienware Area-51, Alienware Graphics Amplifier) with the new AW Command Center 4.0, I can't help but feel that the white option still missing would make customers like me happy. Now, the lights may not be perfectly white, but then again, what back lighting on a computer is? I was able to find the list of codes given within 2 hours of messing around with coding. I know Alienware has at least a little time to work on this, just a bit, it would make a big difference to Alienware fans this Holiday. I say this because many on Alienware Arena have critically questioned Alienwares actions on removing this option and some actually bought computers from Alienware with the intention of using this option.

All I am saying is that there may be no way to perfect the white color option, but you can make it just enough to be satisfying to your customers. We miss seeing that option and really would like to use it. These computers are supposed to be from aliens, keep it that way guys. :)

Gaming Controller

Thu Nov 20 02:03:35 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

that would work to but the only way you could do that is if you got playstation to design and not alienware 

Gaming Controller

Wed Nov 19 23:02:31 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

I would prefer a controller being designed based on the design type of the PS3 or PS4 Controller...

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