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16:10 1920x1200 or higher resolution screen for high-end laptops

Wed Sep 02 13:38:43 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

I'm still running a Dell Precision M4400 as my main work computer. 1920x1200 with RGB LED backlight. Very hesitant to upgrade as there is nothing from Dell with a comparable or better screen (or keyboard).

For those of us who occasionally have to work with 16x9 video for our sins, having extra vertical screen real estate allows room for menus / editing controls.

My only hope was to wait for 4k screens in business class notebooks and then scale 1.5x, but you appear to have destroyed the keyboard - *sigh*!

Use CoreBoot for system firmware

Wed Aug 26 16:29:59 GMT 2015 - Aug 26, 2015

You are talking about the Windows Platform Binary Table, which is an APCI table that Microsoft defined. Windows will execute any binary found in the Windows Platform Binary Table at boot.



This can be done with either proprietary firmware such as what Lenovo uses now and open source firmware, such as CoreBoot. Unless Tivoization measures are used, CoreBoot would provide a way to remove it, while the status quo does not. If you are upset about what Lenovo did, CoreBoot would be an improvement over it because it would allow such cruft to be removed by third parties (barring tivoization). This would also apply to vendor mPCIe whitelists and other absurd limitations.

That said, the ability to build the firmware from sources you can inspect and install it (assuming no tivoization) is an excellent feature for those concerned about privacy. Anyone upset about Lenovo's misuse of the Windows Platform Binary Table should like it.

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