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Idea for Dell Products learning website

Mon Sep 22 04:58:26 GMT 2014 - 4:58 AM

Hi Sugarbear,
I,m not mentioned that kind of videos tutorial. If you don't mind  please visit wduniversity.com and see their products description. I want that kind of information about products and features everything to know about dell.

Ideas for Brand new Dell Unique PEN DRIVES!!!!

Sun Sep 21 18:14:12 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Hi everyone,
Sorry friends i don,t know about  Thunderbolt variants. eSATA is good idea. How to collaborate with an existing pen drive manufacturer? If dell collaborates, what is the device name and which company will give support and warranty etc? Who will be the response of taking new features?

Ideas for Brand new Dell Unique PEN DRIVES!!!!

Sat Sep 20 23:57:24 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

 How about integrating 3rd party products?

Even Adobe Systems does the same thing by absorbing Adonit products. Check "Adobe Ink and Slide".

Perhaps Dell should absorb Wacom Intuos and create something such as "Dell Air Draw" or "Dell Air Pen" powered by Wacom Intuos.

Restore those High-end Audio processors!

Sat Sep 20 23:30:23 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago


Dell has to start from Inspiron 17, XPS (all models; at least Core i5) and Alienware (all models).

There are several different grades in high-tier audio chips. Later, Dell has to make implenting such chip a standard.

Desktops and all-in-ones deserve the same thing too. Do you think users want to sacrifice one of their PCI-e slots?

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