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Engineer unbreakable external

Mon Apr 20 20:59:28 GMT 2015 - Apr 20, 2015

To be honest, I've never been worried about breaking a port on the laptop side. Has this been an actual issue for you?

Alpha to support Amplifier

Mon Apr 20 20:56:14 GMT 2015 - Apr 20, 2015

I really like this idea. The same arguments against using the Amplifier with a laptop can be made with the Alpha, other than the portability problem, but when your home console and your laptop can both be used with the same 400 dollar card you start seeing some advantages to the approach.

How can I bring my idea/prototype to life through Dell laptop manufacturing?

Mon Apr 20 20:52:18 GMT 2015 - Apr 20, 2015

You could try to reach out through Google Plus and maybe get passed up the levels, but you'll need some substantiation; at least you can protect your ideas there somewhat. Alternatively, you could try to find a manufacturer yourself and crowdfund, but it's hard to call on that since I don't know the nature of your product idea.

How can I bring my idea/prototype to life through Dell laptop manufacturing?

Sun Apr 19 16:56:25 GMT 2015 - Apr 19, 2015

That is what I am struggling with...I do not think I want to donate my idea as I see it being a huge sucess.  I was hoping by posting on here that someone would know a way or a how.  I would like to be compensated in some way or kind of fashion.  I do  not think I would like if someone or a company took my idea and made it really big.  It is tough to go about it.  Great idea great prototype but no where to go with it?!?!  Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas that may spark your mind.  Thank you for your response (s)

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