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GE's dual piezo cooling technology for tablets, laptops.

Tue Aug 30 01:05:22 GMT 2016 - 1:05 AM


  For many days since the end of July 2016, i am unable to post any new ideas, because the idestorm webpage says it is under maintenance.

   Can Dell ideastorm rectify this problem to enable  posting of new ideas.

- voxmu

GE's dual piezo cooling technology for tablets, laptops.

Tue Aug 30 00:56:39 GMT 2016 - 12:56 AM


I am recently finding lot of message postings, comments where same sentences. words and sometimes meaningless words like  example ' jhklhgh'  are repeated in messages and even the messages are repeated.
This is seen in some of the comments in this idea also. These things divert the attention and purpose of ideastorm.

While composing the  messages ideas, the content can be  screened for irrelevant words, multiple repeated words, sentences and gibberish words can be automatically blocked by algorithms. This is already implemented in Dell ideastorm while composing the message.

Dell can further implement the following method : In many other online social groups,  there is a moderation system where all types of  messages are accepted and first put in a temorary queue where the messages ideas are visible with tag awaiting moderation, while the content of the message is not visible. Then the  moderator reads the message and approves it to be published.  If this is done then only messages related to topic alone can be published, others can be disregarded. After moderator approves or acknowledges then the idea or message can be made visible to the forum.

I hope if Dell ideastorm implements this it will better for the members of the forum.

- voxmu.


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Mon Aug 29 06:55:22 GMT 2016 - Yesterday

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