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Again Dell Branded logo on Charger!!

Mon Sep 22 23:30:09 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I can confirm this -- my 15R's power adapter does not have the Dell logo anywhere, although "Dell Inc" and "Dell Products" appear on the sticker in small print.

Idea for Dell Products learning website

Mon Sep 22 18:25:55 GMT 2014 - Yesterday


I,m a job seeker. But, graduated engineer  in 2013.  I,m very interesting to learn and excited about new things from Dell. 

How can i register in delltrainingcentre.com.  In the registration page Dell asking the details about company name and job title. But, both the field. i,m not eligible to fill the details. Because, basically i,m a job seeker. 

Untill  i willl get the job opportunities, i was doing solve an issuefor customers  in Dell Community and also Microsoft Community threads. and also i,m a good e-learners too.
i learning in MVA, WD university via online. Now, I would like interest in Dell training centre.

Is it any possible way, Could you Help me to  register from the above website without give the details about company and job title for learning purpose? 

Idea for Dell Products learning website

Mon Sep 22 16:37:33 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you Cy_J reply me.

I saw your mentioned website. Its is really good.  But, topics only covering advanced users. Laptop category is missing.

To add more features in Dell technology Solutions for enhance the knowledge of end user/community members.

  1. what are the laptop models available in dell 
  2. and what our dell devices specification 
  3. Product description and gallery such as photos, videos and document (products related)
  4. which one is suitable for normal people and advanced people
  5. how to handle their own laptops
  6.  learner points and grades
  7. special prizes for learner 

Again Dell Branded logo on Charger!!

Mon Sep 22 16:24:23 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Hi Cy_J,

Last month, I had purchased dell inspiron for one of my friend. That laptop include linux. But, i was searching in the laptop box. There is no linux cd's present. In the  charger top,  logo is not printed. It shows plain cover.

Even i ask the retailer person. He told,  this is original from dell. Now a days, Dell provides this kind of chargers only.
So, that's why.  i posted here my queries.

In india, especially the state of Tamil nadu, all the dell laptop models, retailer's giving this kind of chargers only(without logo). Where can i replace my charger? I want the charger with logo (branded).

Service Tag No: 62Y9412
Retailer company Name: Supreme Computers, 
                                               Mount Road, Chennai -2.
Retailer Mail id:     laptop@supremeindia.com
Help me to get new Charger with logo! Because, Branded is important for me.

minimum resolution for displays

Mon Sep 22 15:17:46 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Inspiron 17" and another model that I cannot recall at the moment.

Precision M4800 with a 15.6" screen offers 1366 x 756 and then 1920 x 1080 without a 1600 x 900 option.

Again Dell Branded logo on Charger!!

Mon Sep 22 14:56:47 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for sharing the idea VinOth_vingO. Can you explain which system the charger shown above belongs to? Most of the Dell chargers listed on the Dell site have a clearly visable Dell logo on them. 

Internet Connectivity Solution

Mon Sep 22 14:43:46 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for sharing the idea shvartsmana. How would the system be able to detect and show the user barriers to the signal?

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