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Use CoreBoot for system firmware

Wed Aug 26 16:29:59 GMT 2015 - Aug 26, 2015

You are talking about the Windows Platform Binary Table, which is an APCI table that Microsoft defined. Windows will execute any binary found in the Windows Platform Binary Table at boot.



This can be done with either proprietary firmware such as what Lenovo uses now and open source firmware, such as CoreBoot. Unless Tivoization measures are used, CoreBoot would provide a way to remove it, while the status quo does not. If you are upset about what Lenovo did, CoreBoot would be an improvement over it because it would allow such cruft to be removed by third parties (barring tivoization). This would also apply to vendor mPCIe whitelists and other absurd limitations.

That said, the ability to build the firmware from sources you can inspect and install it (assuming no tivoization) is an excellent feature for those concerned about privacy. Anyone upset about Lenovo's misuse of the Windows Platform Binary Table should like it.

Write an operating system people want

Mon Aug 24 22:19:11 GMT 2015 - Aug 24, 2015

People generally do not know what they wanted until Apple show it to them, Making its own OS would allow Dell to deliver an experience only found on Apple products. Given the luck that Apple has had developing its own OS in comparison to Dell, which sells hardware running other people's operating systems, Dell should try developing its own OS to use as a differentiator.

Write an operating system people want

Mon Aug 24 21:40:56 GMT 2015 - Aug 24, 2015

In theory, it would be possible to write a Mac OS X compatible system by taking the OSS darwin components, writing replacements for the missing drivers (or sourcing them from the community when available), getting XQuartz running and writing a compatibility shim to map CoreGraphics APIs to things like Cairo (e.g. What freequartz was written to do). You would also likely need to write the additional API functions needed by Core Foundation.

Merge things like the O3X ZFS driver, write an installer and you would have a fairly nice Mac OS X compatible system. You could likely run Mac OS X software natively and things would just work. Dell could then make its own App Store and it would be entirely independent of Microsoft and Apple. With enough polish (e.g. a professionally designed KDE skin) and some nice bundled apps (e.g. Chrome and VLC), it could provide a very nice experience.

Make ECC RAM a standard feature on all systems

Mon Aug 24 21:27:53 GMT 2015 - Aug 24, 2015

Intel's new Xeon E315xxM series is supposed to enable companies like Dell to sell laptops with ECC. Lenovo already announced the Thinkpad P50 and Thinkpad P70 based on them.

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