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Portable docking work station

Sat Dec 27 03:45:58 GMT 2014 - 3:45 AM

I understand. Really, the biggest challenge in designing this is finding a good padding method. Foam lacks durability; padded cloth probably lacks the required protection. I'm thinking hardshell with expanding slats protecting the expansion section.

Vantablack Case Option

Sat Dec 27 01:06:11 GMT 2014 - 1:06 AM

Thank you very much for the support and comment Sugarbear!

What I'm hoping is that they can strike up a deal with Surrey NanoSystems to bring down the costs for mass production and that, while scientifically significant, the thermal qualities are not substantial enough to be detrimental in maintaining a cooled computer system. Or, alternatively, that Alienware can easily compensate for whatever additional heat may be produced by the vantablack coating.

If my understanding of vantablack's visual effect is accurate, it's going to be such an awesome look: like there's a void in the shape of a computer rather than an actual physical object...a black hole with ports! I can easily see this being applied to monitors as well, making it look like your screen is floating in a square-shaped void, which may actually help sharpen the image due to the lack of surrounding visual stimulation, I'm unsure. Could also see keyboards done with the keys left uncoated for a unique look...so on and so forth.

Thanks again!

A laptop with two screens

Sat Dec 27 00:24:05 GMT 2014 - 12:24 AM

I'm not entirely sure how this could be acomplished unless two additional screens were done that folded out from the initial screen like the shudders on a window. Each of these screens would be half the size of the primary screen, rather than the full size, but his could provide a larger primary screen or three independant screens and thus acomplish what you're looking for no?

There's also the possibility that a slide-out monitor could be designed to reside within the primary screen, allowing you an optional second monitor rather than mandatory additional monitors like my first suggestion. It could slide in and out the primary screen like your DVD drive and give you an additional, nearly, full screen.

The more I think about it, I can see a few different potential configuratinons that might work...but I'm not a very tech savvy individual.

Portable docking work station

Fri Dec 26 22:53:16 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

pydsigner, I completely agree about targeting the carry-on size, hence me promoting that to Idea Extension, but I do think the durability for it to be checked is a definate requirement just because you may lose the option every so often.

Thanks for all the suggestions on the various idea's I've posted.

Portable docking work station

Fri Dec 26 22:50:33 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

The durability for checking would definitely be desirable at the least. However, I think you under-estimate the thickness you can get into a carry-on. My current desk monitor is an outdated 17". It's ~2" thick. 2x = 4". Add padding for laptop and the sides = 5.5". Add laptop space = 7". Add space for keyboard and mouse, 8". Put power management and cables at the edge = 8". Add some expansion space, 9-10" total, compressing down to 8". I think that's workable for carry-on. If we go custom design on the monitors, say a bifold dual monitor with laptop screen styling and a narrow snap-on stand, and you could even bring down the size. Depending upon situations and gear load, you may be forced to check, but I think it'd be good to aim for carry-on size.

A laptop with two screens

Fri Dec 26 22:49:00 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Any idea how this would physically work?  I've been trying to figure that piece out and I'm stumped.  A downside would be battery life, the display is a pretty big power drain and two would really drain it fast.  I'd want to see some way to use just one monitor at times, like if I'm just watching a movie somewhere.

Slice battery

Fri Dec 26 22:43:42 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I had a Sony laptop about 10 years ago that had a really cool multi-purpose bay that I had gotten 5 items that fit.

1) DVD drive, this was the standard
2) Subwoofer, laptop sounded really good with this
3) pop-out number pad (press in, press to pop out)
4) An empty storage tray (small pocket-knife, keys, cash, etc)
5) A secondary battery

The secondary battery was I believe about 90% of the size of the standard battery and you could hotswap between them and the software even let you manually force it to use one so if you had a spare of one type remaining you could drain that battery first.  Having 2 battery bays that were hot-swappable meant you could drain battery A, then switch to B without powering down and swap battery A.  I was doing a lot of consulting and did traveling around the city and laptops only got 2 to 3 hours back then, so I had 2 of each and it was great.  Added some weight, but I only used the accessory batteries when I needed the power, the other accessory options were very light.

Perhaps a multi-purpose bay like this should make a comeback.  I know my Alienware could use a second battery a lot more often than it needs the BluRay drive.

Vertical laptop dock

Fri Dec 26 22:39:32 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

This design would require something like a spring-loaded clamp for stability and a power button for sanity. But we wanted that external power button anyways.

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