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Handling the Spam

Mon Mar 30 16:11:38 GMT 2015 - 2 minutes ago

I have hidden the Axis posts. Most of the time they post late at night and I get them. Occasionally one sneaks by me.

Is it time for Dell to jump back into the Smartphone business?

Sun Mar 29 16:19:33 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

@pydsigner  You right, even though Android was not mature, they left the market all together and decided not to even compete.  Venue 8 is great device...even though I question the placement of the camera and only using FAT32 formatting for the SD card, it would of been a nice phablet. 

Alienware graphics amplifier proper desktop gaming edition

Sun Mar 29 13:38:39 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

I think so. CPUs work differently. If you want to offload calculations/devour numbers, use server GPUs such as Nvidia Tesla. If you want to increase your system speed, install a fast cache drive or overclock your system.

Remember, SLI/CF does not always increase gaming performance. In fact, it may does the opposite. Paradoxical? Yes it is. Sometimes, a single heavy GPU is better than a group of weak GPUs.

I've never seen an external CPU box. The creation such device would require a radical alterations in CPU architectures and the invention of an extremely fast interface.

Games barely use more than 3 CPU cores. In fact, I've never seen a pure x64 game working in a manner similar to those of scientific applications.

But this is a good idea, if I may say. It only needs minor modifications.

G-Sync or Free-Sync M

Sun Mar 29 12:44:55 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

Remember, G-sync only supports DisplayPort without audio support. I think it's still too early for Dell to implement such technology.

Is it time for Dell to jump back into the Smartphone business?

Sun Mar 29 00:26:45 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

I think that Dell could build on the success of the Venue 8 7000 and produce a really nice 5 inch handset. The last time Dell was building handsets, Android wasn't yet mature... and yet there are still people using the old Venue and Streak devices.

Alienware graphics amplifier proper desktop gaming edition

Thu Mar 26 07:18:17 GMT 2015 - Mar 26, 2015

@pydsigner the amplifier wasn't designed with portability in mind in the first place so why should this version be? please note the original title of this suggestion was more along the lines of "Alienware graphics amplifier extreme edition + alienware 18 ultrabook combo"

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