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Alienware Audio

Tue Aug 23 13:22:25 GMT 2016 - 2 days ago

Sure thing, so the "your own..." in the idea is addressed to Alienware so I'm not saying they make people create it, although users should be able to tweak the equaliser. Currently Alienware have a third party audio suite. The problem with that is that it's heavily dependant on the third part provider to come out with updates etc. 

The main motivator for this idea was some trouble I had with Dolby's old home theater system, which changed and it was quite a hassle to try and get the version you wanted. 

If you look at Asus' laptops, they have their own sound suite, they can therefore control how it interacts with thier hardware and it makes it easier to manage. Alienware have the command center, which right now is used to change lights, macros,  power managment and monitoring etc. So if they had some sort of sound suite they could interegrate it into their existing command center , it would make things a little easier to manage. 

I mean it's not a deal breaker, i guess it's just something they could think about : ) 

Thanks for your comment, hopefull this makes things a little clearer : )

Alienware Audio

Tue Aug 23 11:45:03 GMT 2016 - 2 days ago

yeah, thats sounds good but I think that everyone can not make their own equaliser due to lack of knowledge .
can you please explain your concept in more details dear
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keyboardless clamshell laptop

Tue Aug 23 11:26:09 GMT 2016 - 2 days ago

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