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Why not make webcams and mics optional again in laptops?

Tue Sep 02 14:25:38 GMT 2014 - 2:25 PM

Thank you for the clarification Quovadis. I cannot speak to the exact reasoning in the initial inclusion of webcams and microphones in systems. My personal concern with the option in this instance is the cost and inventory issues involved when a laptop requires two different cases. I often ask clarifying questions on ideas in case an idea undergoes a formal review. The practice is to anticipate what questions the appropriate team would have in advance so they get as much information as possible. 

NEW Alienware M11x convertible please.

Tue Sep 02 14:11:21 GMT 2014 - 2:11 PM

Thank you for the additional clarification. I am not an engineer but one concern I have about the folding convertable would be properly cooling the system as any vents on the back would be blocked when in tablet mode. Since there are a few foldables on the market already, perhaps there is already a work around that would apply. 

integrated webcam

Mon Sep 01 23:42:23 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Keep it an option like DeLL use to do because not everbody needs that thing.

NEW Alienware M11x convertible please.

Mon Sep 01 09:33:44 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Folding as far as reliability and durability is concerned and also when/if we're talking about an M11x, some acceptable heft are a no brainer compromise. The problem(s) with detachable and flip (and since I'm not professionally tied to any OEMs mentioned so I'm just gonna say it) with current crop of processors/tech + implemented build ideas:-

1. Detachable a'la Asus Transformer Book T300? A thoroughly bad idea as far as how to achieve the final product's feasibility. That's 2 separate SoC + CPU to worry about (1 for the tablet and 1 for the dock) so how much should Dell charge for an M11x badged kind of specs? Not gonna end well.

2. Flip? Key problem being the connecting mechanism aka hinges. A single free rotating component doesn't sound very strong and I imagine the base should be somewhat luggable hence a definite no no matter how tough or exotic the materials used for the hinge. Not that I'm putting down the R&D guys in advance but let's just roll that I'd rather make their lives easier eh?

Finally to conclude the rest of would be readers to this response on why did I suggest a convertible, it's down to these:-
1. If it's gonna be an M11x with M11x asking RRP, I'd rather pay not just for what's arguably gonna be the world's most powerful 11.6" gaming laptop but also one that can walk the price talk with that added tablet function. I don't see what's wrong with asking for better user ROI.

2. Yes I'm aware of some of the inevitable skepticism towards this idea that an M11x should remain as what it is originally, a truly portable gaming laptop and nothing else. Again I'm not asking for this right now with the current tech available instead looking out for the near future possibilities when smaller more efficient CPUs + GPUs are coming.

Why not make webcams and mics optional again in laptops?

Sat Aug 30 15:55:59 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Part four:

Your second question:
  • Would added security features such as a manual way to disable the items suffice?
I think that question has been answered so "NO" it has to be an option like it use to be.

Afteral custum build IS custum build and that is what makes DELL.

Thank you very much for your attention and hopefully DELL will take certain matters in consideration

Wit kind regards.

Why not make webcams and mics optional again in laptops?

Sat Aug 30 15:55:33 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Part  three:

A lot of links I know but just imagine that these are just a " FEW " links compare to what you can find about webcam and privacy issues

I may assume that the things shown on youtube (and you can find much more on other websites) are not unfamiliar to DELL?

Does Dell feel any responsebility towards this issue?

I can imagine that as a manufacturer it is difficult to be fully responsible, so give back the responsibility and free choise to the consumer once more 

It can`t be that difficult to do, your production facilty is flexibel enough to do this or do the Chinese decide these days?

Do know that firewalls aren`t sufficient and certainly not when they look instead of walking through your  " window backdoor ".

Still I have a few another questions to the following:

Other factors must be considered such as cost to the consumer and industry trends to determine if their are enough benefits to warrant the inclusion. Microphones and webcams are pretty standard across the industry with people using them to stay connected with family, attend virtual business meetings and for the creation of video for example. 

Are webcams and mics build in because the consumer really demands it or just because it was thechnical possible and the consumer accepted it?

Is there any marketing research that can sustantiated this, for example by questionaries? 

Why not make webcams and mics optional again in laptops?

Sat Aug 30 15:53:58 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Part two:

Then there are the privacy issues please take notice of the follwing links:





















Why not make webcams and mics optional again in laptops?

Sat Aug 30 15:52:21 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Sorry I posted it twice while I wasn`t even finished yet so please could you remove the double posts it might be confusing.

Thank you very much.

Let me continue to answer to your response:

  • Are you requesting that the webcams and microphones become options for all systems where they are currently standard, a new line or specific models?
Why shouldn`t it be possible to aply this to all the laptops (and also tablets) that can or are custom build, DELL has done this before in the very recent past so why has it been changed?

Wasn`t custom build not "THE" reason why people choise for DELL (atleast for me it is(was).

Isn`t it very weird when I buy a custom build laptop for lets say €500,-- to €1000,-- or even more, that everything can be configurated in the way that I want (need) but can`t define such thing as the integrated webcam with mic?
So I`m stucked with something that: 
1-I don`t even need.

2-I don`t even use.
3-I don`t even want.
4-But I do have to pay for while it doesn`t suit any of my needs or demands and that for a considerable price, ODD!

By not using those features at all (but I`m obligated to buy them because they are (have to be) build in) its also a waste of materials and extra costs just for nothing so not very durable.

Besides webcams and mics are vulnerable components placed on a vulnerabe location so a latop without them is also less vulnerable and therefor more reliable.


Tattoo Shoe's

Sat Aug 30 04:16:13 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Would you like to see the Dell logo, as well as stars and hearts?

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