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Revolutionizing education

Mar 11, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Would it not be awesome if Dell could change the educational system by offering schools the opportunity to use a state of the art computer lab that could link schools to other schools in the world?  This could be for 2 years and at the end of those 2 years the school could decide how to finance their own lab.  Dell could also set up a recycle program for businesses to donate their older computers by donating them to schools.  

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Computadores e ou notebooks com maiores facilidades de pagamento pra Universitarios.

Mar 7, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Boa tarde Senhores(as),A minha ideia é fazer um programa de vendas em Faculdades, Universidades, em fim em instituições de ensino de todo o Brasil, mas com uma maior facilidade de pagamento ( ex: mais vezes, menores taxas de juros, por boleto parcelado, etc) tudo que facilite para os estudantes terem um equipamento de uma otima qualidade como os computadores da Dell, que só de falar Dell ja lembra um sinonimo de qualidade, e com uma maior facilidade pra adquirirem. Eu mesmo não tenho condições de ter um compudator da Dell com as configuraçoes que eu preciso pra poder ficar um bom tempo sem precisar trocar de maquina, e comoeu tem muitos estudantes universitarios que precisam de uma boa maquia e não tem condições.obrigado atenciosamenteSérgio Adriano CurciolGoogle translation added by moderator: Good afternoon gentlemen (as)  My idea is to make a sales program in Colleges and Universities in order in educational institutions throughout Brazil, but with greater ease of payment (eg more times, lower interest rates by installments billet, etc.) all to facilitate students to have equipment of an optimal quality as Dell computers, which speak only Dell already resembles a synonym of quality, and ease to acquire. I myself cannot afford to have a computer Dell with the settings that I need to be able to get a good time without having to switch machines, and comoeu has many college students who need a good glosses and has no conditions.

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A 3d alphabet board for non verbal autistic students that is compatible with the classroom pc.

Dec 29, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

I think it would be great if a special alphabet board could be created for non verbal autistic students.  While ipads may work for some autistic children, others may not have the fine motor control to type on a traditional keyboard.  It would be great if a alphabet board could be made that would be large print and 3d where the letters could be more discriminated tactily as well as visually.  Then if this alphabet board could be available to each student in a way where there could be interaction among the teacher and students through use of the 3d alphabet board/keyboard.  The classroom could communicate without speech while using traditional written language.

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Tablets for school that are cheap but practical

Nov 6, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

 I have an idea for you that could reduce consumption of paper and consequences caused by fungal production and consumption of paper.Tablets are well designed but only weakness is a big price on sale. Tablets should be used as a replacement for paper notebooks for school and office because it is their most practical use. That would be very useful. For such use should be to devise and produce cheap Tablet with simple and basic software for use in schools and offices. Tablets that had such use does not need to be with a strong configuration. So it will be much cheaper and more desirable.It would be good that these tablets are made for hand-writing with a pen. People do not need Tablets to be used for fun. Tablets should be used for better education.

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Solar heater powered by recycled Dell case parts.

Oct 18, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

My design uses recycled Dell case panels inside a shallow patio door sized plywood box to generate heat.  The panels were painted with BBQ paint to further enhance the ability to create heat.  I have added a small solar panel to run a case fan that moves air at a speed of 43 cfm through the box only when the sun shines, thus eliminating the problem of cold air at night or on cloudy days being pushed inside the building.  When installed, the plan is to move air from inside the cabin rather than from outside, and heat it.  In preliminary outside tests I can move a reaonsable air flow from 7 degrees Celcius into the cabin at close to 40 degrees Celcius, or approximately 5.5 times warmer.  Plumbing the air intake to come from IN the building will increase the temperature as warmer air will be easier to heat. I have posted a video on my website at http://logproject.shutterfly.comBased on my design, one can theoretically heat a small cabin during the day to reduce or save on fossil fuel powered heating costs, thereby contributing positively to the environment, all by using readily availabe materials, and recycled Dell parts!  I am going to try adding old CPU heat sinks to further enhance the solar heat gain from the sun, as their design lends very well to capturing and transferring heat from the metal parts into the air.

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Dell Needs You! Help name Dell’s new retail program.


Oct 20, 2011

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Status: Acknowledged

                                                                                                    "DELL".                                                                                         "DOOR TO DOOR"                                                                                           "HEART TO HEART"

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Children's PC

Oct 7, 2008

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Status: Implemented

Build a pc just for kids. As a mother of two young primary school children I find that there is an enormous amount of pc games for my children, but I do not want to grant them access to my pc as they would possibly destroy any information or programmes that I may have on it. At the same time they are too young to use the internet or "eral" programmes. Can Dell build a kids pc, which would give them the speed necessary for the so-called skills games, the screen for optimum view especially now that you are venturing into different colours (soemthing all kids love). There is no need for internet connection, but you must be able to play a cd and/or dvd on it. Status Update Check out The Nickelodeon Edition Inspiron Mini

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For toddlers

Aug 23, 2007

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Status: Implemented

creat a computer that is simple for a 3year old. One that does not have so many keys maybe your basic alphabet and numbers. It could come in fun colors or cartoon theme. And the computer can come with educational programs and also you can upgrade. Status Update Please check out The Nickelodeon Edition Inspiron Mini

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