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Bitlocker detection for all Dell firmware/BIOS updates

Aug 14, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

When updating og changing/upgrading any hardware that has bitlocker enabled especially the hardware and firmwares you are most likely to be locked out of your computer, forcing you to enter the recovery key that was created when enabling bitlocker for the first time.The only option is to temporary suspend the bitlocker  and enabling again after the updateMy idea is to add bitlocker detection to all new BIOS and other hardware firmwares. It is just a simple command and a Continue/Exit messagebox :)

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2015 Alienware R2 17" Laptop Heat Fix, Here is how.

May 19, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Add 4 custom fan settings in the bios.  Silent, normal, performance, Extreme gaming, user. Also allow fan speed customization (heat to fan speed ratio) in your Alienware AW command center. in the alienware forum there are 100 pages of compliants about overheating. R2 owners lougeAlso this one.Thank you for your time. Please save my laptop, and gaming experience.

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New Power management plan

May 27, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

When Battery power reaches 100%, battery should start discharging, when it reaches 10% it should recharge the battery again using the ever connected AC Adapter / Charger. Dell should integrate this as part of their DC-IN port fuzzy logic / intergrate this logic with QuickSet utility, whichever is feasible.Some people use their laptops like desktops, always connected to power, hence battery health deteriorates rapidly. 1 yr / within 1 yr the battery dies. By using this idea, customers can get improved battery life. Dell can save on the costs. Win-Win for both parties.

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A universal fix to the "delicate proprietary chip" issue

May 30, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

I realize that most of our ideas are forward for future devices but there is an issue that needs to be handled that has all but been forgotten by everyone but the unfortunate owners of certain Dell Laptops (L702x for example).As there are hundreds of Motherboards in Dell laptops with a failing "delicate proprietary chip" which prevents charging their genuine Dell batteries with genuine Dell AC adapters why not create an "excuse me" BIOS version that allows them to charge?If that is not possible you could also create and make available to all with the defective Motherboard chips a dongle that would allow charging the Dell Battery with a Dell AC adapter (outside the laptop). It would be an inexpensive clip that interfaces directly with the Dell Battery and the Dell AC adapter plug.

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The Voice of DELL

Jun 3, 2015

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Status: Acknowledged

Hello, everyone :) My proposal is simple. Most of the times we have no idea what is going on with our systems. Most of us we have turn off the updates, don’t pay attention to the error messages, we don’t renew our Bios and usually we don’t care, until the laptop/desktop/tablet stops working. What if all the troubleshooting programs would be replaced by a voice manager? Could be a software which announce you with a personalized voice that your Hard Drive will soon fail. Or that your Bios needs to be update. Or that your battery comes to an end. And so on. I think that would be difficult to ignore a scary voice telling you to update your OS, or a sweet voice announcing you to update your drivers. For sure will be much easier for women to keep their Dell system healthy.Thank youRoxani

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Ease the ordering process

Apr 14, 2015

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Status: New

Last week April 08 2015 I got a first quote for our Customer a new SVR320 Server. The process is not yet finished by now April 14 2015. Observations: a) Neither the right sales person or his manager phones been provided even after a repeated E-Mail requests; b) Tried to contact DELL management in regard to the quote last week on the phone. Operator promised a call back in about two hours - no call back yet in over 2 business days; c) For the last few years it becomes more and more difficult to get a right quote in a realistic time-frame; d) Sales person tried to include into the quote the unrequited options for about Eur. 500.00 and it took a few E-Mails to remove them; Suggestions based on the observations in the process of obtaining the right quote for the right price: 1) Quote should contain a valid phone number for the sales person; 2) Quote should contain a valid phone number of the sales person manager; 3) should provide a reliable local DELL office phone number and a reference number should be given to a call; Thank you for your care, Boris

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New computers list of order of important things to do and the order to do them

Nov 21, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

This idea could be applied to a number of different activities, but should be included in PAPER form or as an intro spash screen on every computer..."Excited about your new computer?  We know you want to jump right in, but these are extremely important things you should do RIGHT AWAY, and in this order..."  I honestly don't know what the steps should be, but the average car manual does a better job of telling you how to break in an engine, and what the maintenance schedule should be.These all have to be done, but in what sequence?  Set up password, connect to internet, set up security, make back-up, system image, boot media, etc.  Buying a computer is very confusing and stressful without the need to be.   I have repasted my cpu, vacuumed the ports, updated drivers sporadically and randomly, stumbling along spending hours finding this basic and real world information on the internet.  The vast majority of us are not techincal gurus, and hate not having it made clear what we are supposed to do from the manufacturer.  Nine times out of 10 I end up looking at some 15 year old kid's You Tube Video to figure this stuff out.  

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We need "Inspiron Owner Club"

Sep 15, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Hello friends,I,m using inspiron 1545 more than 4 years. when you see the, they have only xps and alienware owner club. Why are you still didn't start Inspiron Owner club?  Dell's Inspiron computer product line started as a range of laptop computers targeted at the entry-level budget.  In all over the world, there are huge number of inspiron users other than model's.   we love our model and brand.  so, I suggest you to start INSPIRON owner club as soon as earlier.

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Order Process

Oct 23, 2014

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Status: Acknowledged

Once an order has been placed with Dell, there is an email sent to confirm the order.  If there is even a question about anything on the order, the system (Dell) puts everything on hold.  If the system puts everything on hold, then why can't the system notify the customer (me) as to the fact that the order is on hold, either by email or telephone call?I placed an order with Dell.  I got the confirmation email.Sent questions about order to sales rep by email.Received an item on order by FedEx.Wait.........Wait.........Wait......Decided to track the orders and found majority of order was on hold.Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.  Would like to discuss this with someone from Dell as to procedures that Dell needs to follow. 

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