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Offer Nextday Delivery

Jun 16, 2008

24 Votes

Status: Implemented

Please for the love of God offer next day delivery of pre-configured PCs. I've just had to buy a new M1530 at short notice. Which meant I had to go to Tesco. Which meant I had to buy a Vista machine. Which means I'm now mentally traumatized and scarred for life! Seriosuly getting Vista up and running for the first time is just a barrage of pop-ups. All one after the other. Some at the same time. If I could have ordered a Ubuntu system directly from Dell, I could have avoided that whole mind destroying experience. Status Update: Check out this blog on our new FastTrack option.

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Give us the option of buying recovery CD/DVD for Windows 7

Apr 11, 2010

12 Votes

Status: Implemented

Robin Breden and Mary have discovered a potentially huge problem with Windows 7. Dell does not supply the recovery CD/DVD any more. You have to make your own. The average computer user dosen`t have a clue of how to do this.That also leads us to tech support having increasing call volumes.  We all know that tech support is more trouble than it`s worth, being outsourced. I see many more unhappy Dell consumers, and far less new sales.      Read the article I propose that Dell offer the CD/DVD at the nominal cost of $10 or so. I paid that for the disc`s for my Dell pc. Consumers don`t mind paying a little extra for the peace of mind, incase of hard drive corruption or failure.

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easier remote support for private users

May 6, 2007

9 Votes

Status: Implemented

!!! Give us an "easy remote care edition" !!! I 'm not a professional user but I care for my parents computers. Usually I come over every two or three weeks and fix up something. But in between... I have tried "Windows Remote Desktop". It doesn't work! two WLAN-Routers with dynamic IPs, integrated hardwarefirewalls and lousy configurated software firewalls are two much. (Skype has no problems at all) And helping them without seeing what they see and click is very annoying. !!! Give us an "easy remote care edition" !!! Steps: 1. "Hi Mom, just press the big red icon in the middle of the screen, so I can take over your dell-computer!" The red button (and the software) should be preinstalled. 2. I start the improved remote desktop with the unique file created on my parents computer. (the unique file will make sure no one else can access the computer) Make this foolproof! No router problem, No firewall problems. No problems with dynamic IPs! (Mom, could you tell me your IP?) No ports to be opened! (How should I explain that to my mom?) There are a lot of people that help friends or relatives with their computer issues and often they are the ones asked for assistance when buying a new computer. Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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why there is not a XPS 15" laptop in Brasil?

Nov 8, 2010

5 Votes

Status: Implemented

I note that in all Dell  site of all American Latina country  there are a XPS 14" , 15" and 17" laptop  , but not in Brasil.In Brasil there is only XPS 14" laptop. There are a lot of people here, in Brasil, who would like to buy this laptop, but with a 15" screen..Please think about ...

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Out put tray should support input tray on Dell 5110CN printer

Jan 22, 2009

4 Votes

Status: Implemented

We bought a Dell 5110cn laser printer last year and the default input tray supports 500 pages.  Unfortunately, the output tray only supports 250 pages and for jobs larger than 250 pages, the printer pauses printing after it reaches 250.  It will then resume once the printed paper have been removed.  This is inconvenient and doesn't make sense.  I suggest that you build an output tray that will mimimally support the input tray amount. Status Update Please see paul_n's comment

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