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Desktop laptop tablet combination plus

Jul 22, 2014

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Hey Dell,I have been a long time user an owner Dell products and a technical support analyst who has worked on various to equipment from various manufacturers. And has found Dell products to be my preferred vendor. But here is where I need something from you!While supporting various users in various technical and diverse fields I have found users prefer a combination of equipment when performing various tasks. I.e. desktop at home or at office. Laptop for field or remote work. In a tablet for notes meetings education in seminars and various impromptu situations where quick access to information and the ability to share is preferred. Here is what I'm looking forI need a fast powerful reliable desktop computer, that is equipped with a docking port for a laptop, laptop combination tablet. Here's the rub, I need to desktop to be able to be connected to the network office or home personal private and any and all devices connected to it the laptop not only shares with the desktop when docked but can share reliably via wireless connection wireless private connection Bluetooth or data connection. Laptop should be able to be connected to an office network home network and peripherals i.e. printers scanners various equipment via wireless wireless private Bluetooth or data connection. Data connection should also be able to be shared to desktop either to network Internet connection direct Internet connection data connection. Tablet when removed from laptop should still have a connection to all devices attached to laptop via wireless Bluetooth or data connection. Desktop laptop tablet should all work a standalone devices yet be able to sink in share among themselves. In this way my users can have a secure desktop with all information access to network and the ability to work efficiently either office or at home, the able take their laptop to a live remote location, field, or a office. Then remove tablet when necessary when roaming sites or inputting data from local locations remote to laptop. Sinking should be done when directly connected wirelessly Bluetooth or by data connection.

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Sonicwall 215/215W and SonicPoints

Jun 30, 2014

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I just found out about two significant differences when deploying SonicPoints depending if you own a 215 or 215W. Based upon the Sonicwall rep I just spoke to at Dell, he stated: 215:  (recommended)  If you plan on having a SonicPoint device or multiples, then get a firewall without wireless. 215W: Since this firewall comes with wireless built-in, you will have gaps (or temporary delays) in coverage as device(s) move between a SonicPoint and the wireless within the firewall.   Does anyone find this kind of odd?  Yet, does anyone see any type of information stating that if you deploy SonicPoints that its not recommened to get a SonicWall with built in wireless? So here hence is the question and the issue.  If you have coverage everywhere except where your firewall is at (usually in the basement or comm closet where the rest of your gear is at) it appears Sonicwall wants you to deploy another SonicPoint right next to the firewall.    The person with commonsence would normally think -- no, I won't have to spend more money with a SonicPoint, I'll just get a SonicWall 215W that way I have a internet presesnce in my comm closet and with my SonicPoints.   This according to Dell is wrong.   So for any of you who think that you will have a seemless integration for SonicPoints with your existing SonicWall that has integrated wireless, your in for some surprises. (IDEA --->) Now why didn't Sonicwall integrate the same technology within their firewalls as they do the SonicPoints?  (Internal SonicPoint in otherwords)  Then IF I had a TZ215W and I wanted to deploy or extend my range with more SonicPoints, then I wouldn't have a gap or transfer of coverage between devices. There is nothing more frustrated than committing to a model and then you find out later, "Well, that's not exactly going to work well.   If you wanted to go wireless, you should have just bought a standard firewall and then installed SonicPoints."   What is says to me is -- if you out grow your existing TZ215W, Sonicwall will want to you purchase another model and then deploy your SonicPoints.   What??  I already have wireless, why would I want to move to a standard TZ215 just because I have a need to now deploy SonicPoints?  What does everyone else know, hear or see about this?   Was this Dell rep right on or are there flaws in what he said? This paints a dark picture which makes people begin to think this was a deliberate move by Sonicwall to generate more profit, rather than put together a well integrated solution.  Yes, that's an assumption, but in either case the Dell customer ends up holding the bag. --LANMAN

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Bi-Partisan Graphics for Alienware Systems

Jun 26, 2014

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One of the things discussed this year, particualrly at Game Developers Conference and E3, is how graphics manufacturers are less likely in the future to provide dedicated support to multiple game engines, instead opting to one or another.  For example, AMD recently announced Mantle support for CryEngine, whilst NVIDIA Gameworks has listed limited functionality for Unreal Engine 4 Subscription and full functionality for UE4 Custom License.As a developer for both engines, this makes it difficult for content creation as performance will take a dive on one of them, no matter which card I choose; however, it has been known for many years for DIY desktop users to have a setup where they can select which card they wish to run, either with certain pre-designed motherboards from EVGA or ASUS, or with the system set to enter the Boot Options screen whenever it is switched on...What I propose, therefore, is an experiment in benefitting independent studios or architects that make use of Alienware systems with said game engines.  In desktops this is relatively straightforward, as most good motherboards today provides ample space for a single NVIDIA card, and then another for AMD.  As for laptops, typically CrossfireX or SLI configs will occupy the full back-end of the machine (with two mobile GPUs situated side-by-side), so it might be possible to use this layout as well for one from each manufacturer [Fig. 1]:In conjunction with the RedHarbinger Cross Desk from my "Hiv3" proposal, this process could then be experimented with a paired SLI/Crossfire workstation setup (two AMD, and two NVIDIA), in a dual-system configuration [Fig. 2]:Bear in mind this proposal would be for Small Business customers; although it would satisfy some gamers, many would find it impractical unless they professional or independent game developers.

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Port QHD+ to 17" screen

Jun 24, 2014

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Hi - I'd love to have the high-res QHD+ screen on a larger (17") laptop.  I can't believe I'm the only one (software developer or other bsuiness user) who wouldn't love the extra real-estate on a screen where you don't need a magnifying glass to see the small font/icons (as with the 15".)  I understand that Dell wanted to compete with Retina, but practically speaking, a 17" screen would make so much more sense.and drive sales.  I've been waiting 7 years to upgrade my Dell Inspiron E1705, but any "upgrade" choice has always meant less real-estate with which to work.  I don't watch movies on my laptop.  I use it for work/productivty. So although I have the money ready, I will continue replacing parts as needed on my current system until a true upgrade is available.

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Jun 19, 2014

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hello Michael S. Dell , my name is manoj, iam an indian, i have an idea of  "WHAT ABOUTHAVING A VOICE RECOGNITION PC" . what i mean to say was  as we now seein our smart phones we are using voice recognition system , forexample in play store app we can see a sign of voice recognitionsymbol at the search option here we can use our voice command tosearch our required app .In the similar way why cant we develop aapplication ,i mean to improve the present one ,as i was being aaviation student cant be able to develop the application , this can beused in such a manner that ,BESIDE OF URL SPACE BAR WE CAN USE A VOICERECOGNITION SYMBOL TO PLACE OUR COMMAND LIKE FOR EX :OPEN GOOGLEHOMEPAGE or here is my idea for you to beendeveloped soon.          HOPPING YOU HAS UNDERSTOOD MY IDEA AND BEEN TO BE DEVELOPEDSOON              CONTACT ME FOR MUCH MORE IDEAS IF YOU HAD LIKED THISONE. ,

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A place to post stories of startups involving Dell computers, or Dell the company

Jan 29, 2014

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Since this is a crowdsourcing site, could some part of IdeaStorm become a location for people to tell interesting stories of their business startup stories involving either Dell computers and other products, and/or Dell as a company in the communities where it operates?

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A decent 14" thin laptop with Radeon 8850M

Dec 16, 2013

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I recently saw the Latitude 3540 test at, the configuration sparked my interest; a low voltage Intel i5 CPU with Radeon 8850M GDDR5. It is perfekt, exactly what I need. I can work on it, while in the background I can Litecoin mining with the GPU. However I need smaller laptop, so than found Latitude 3440, but that is build with Nvidia 740M unfortunately. Will it come with option Radeon GPU or other thin 14" laptop?

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More i5 Options for the Latitude E6540

Dec 10, 2013

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Please either allow customization options for the new E6540 or at a bare minium offer more pre-built options for the i5 processor.Currently the only options for the i5 include 4 GB of RAM and a standard hard drive.Ideally I would like to purchase more RAM (8 GB) and include the hybrid drive as well.For my road warrior users there is no option to add a broadband card, this must change before I can purchase this product.

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Detect system crash and automatically run Diagnostics

Nov 15, 2013

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Dell computers store an event log in the BIOS due to the following.1. Booting to windows issue2. Thermal Alerts3. Memory changes4. Fan failure5. Video card related alertsSystem can provide an option to run diagnostics / ePSA, detecting these failures / getting info from Event Log of BIOSGive an error - "We have detected a system crash, Would you like to run a diagnostics on your PC" after Dell LogoPress Enter to say Yes and Press Escape to say No. Benefits: Users can run diagnostics on the computer on their own before they call Tech Support.                 Can focus only Hardware or Software issue when they post their queries on Community forum / call Tech Support. Best Regards, VeejDeej

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