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Offer Premium Cooling to Laptops

Fri Oct 31 16:14:31 GMT 2014 - 4:14 PM

Good idea, people will always have different uses for a laptop, some are okay with the medium performance and others feel obligated to have a fully loaded powerhouse. It would be nice if Alienware were to include that premium option.

Add the White LED color option to new AlienFX Command Center 4.0

Wed Oct 29 04:50:25 GMT 2014 - 2 days ago

Here are some other codes that could be used to make the LED lighting white:

Also, if ever in a future laptop involving a backlit touchpad, I found a few codes that would suit a pure white color:

Alienware phone

Tue Oct 28 19:51:01 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

The problem with bringing out new products is not that there is not a market for any particular concept. It's that a fairly large market is needed. As more and more people are moving to smartphones, what indicates to you the need for a powerful flip-phone?

Alienware notebook with docking connector

Tue Oct 28 19:47:17 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

The fact that the new Alienware 13 has a custom dock would indicate that the coming refreshes of the larger laptops may also support said dock. Of course, the 13 does not have the maxed-out card/cards that the heavyweights will come with.

Backlit Keyboards

Mon Oct 27 18:45:43 GMT 2014 - Oct 27, 2014

I agree.  Backlit keyboards would be fantastic.  i am surprised that this is not current and that these keyboards are not available in the United States.  I though that I was living in the wrong areas to get a 'really' modern anything. :/
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