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Dell-AR Innovation

Fri Jul 01 09:26:33 GMT 2016 - 18 minutes ago

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Tue Jun 28 13:20:21 GMT 2016 - 3 days ago

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Lightweight Precision

Sun Jun 26 09:34:59 GMT 2016 - Jun 26, 2016

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Sun Jun 26 07:39:09 GMT 2016 - Jun 26, 2016

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Sun Jun 26 07:31:11 GMT 2016 - Jun 26, 2016

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We need a real Business Laptop with a real 16:10 screen

Tue Jun 21 01:05:32 GMT 2016 - Jun 21, 2016

Amazing this is still an issue today, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I kept a ThinkPad T60p from 2007 just because the screen had more vertical space and the laptop took up less width on the table, so at a perfectly-readable 14.1" 4:3 screen I had plenty of room for a mouse, USB thumbdrives, paperwork, coffee, and a small 2nd monitor; with my 15.6" 16:9 1920x1080p(ixels), it takes up more desk space, the text can be so small that I have to squint and get closer, and lowering the resolution removes vertical space, and increasing font size can make elements on the screen not align properly, so basically it's a no-win unless I just want to get a 17" laptop or widescreen monitor on a desktop computer, meaning I have no easy portability unless I buy a dock for the laptop.

I finally have transitioned off the 2007 laptop just because webpages are so bloated they barely run (Core 2 Duo CPU), and even now on an Intel i7 from a few years ago, Shockwave is crashing on certain websites when everything else runs fast. The bloat that's coming from websites is its own issue and the only reason I've needed to retire the laptop, which is quite unfortunate.

I don't watch movies on my laptop (often), and watching them on a 4:3 screen never bothered me. Even on 16:9 widescreen many movies still have the letterboxes because they were printed at a higher aspect ratio (many directors and producers thinks this is the more "classic" cinematic look), so you can't win there either. I do know that manufacturers save money with 16:9 1366x768 laptops (the typical screen size), could offer them at a lower price, and apparently was the sweet *tolerable* spot average consumers found it, which is also quite unfortunate. Widescreen laptops are not good for productivity, at least as not as good as 4:3, and these Mac-ripoff keyboards with their tiny up/down arrow keys just make work harder and allow more mistakes.

I'm considering just getting a 21" widescreen monitor and hooking it to my widescreen laptop with a dock, or just using a desktop PC for home and my laptop for work. My poor T60p, I'm now looking for 16:10 laptops (I'm typing on one using a Core 2 Duo which is also too slow) because at least I get some extra vertical space with a decent font size and alignment.

For whatever reason laptops just downgraded after SXGA+ (1440x1050), which generally is better considering most websites are formatted to display and scroll vertically with width below 1440, and now we have less pixels on the screen of the average laptop than before, but hey, if manufacturers are making more money and kitchen-table laptop users are watching their movies more while hardly using their laptop for anything else or understanding much about it or the latest Windows dumbed-down fake tablet OS, why should I complain?

Productivity in personal and professional matters may have gotten more difficult, but I think if a manufacturer or two made a "Productivity" or "Professional" laptop (like Dell attempts to do with Precision laptops) at 16:10 or 4:3, they'd make a ton of sales. I know a guy who uses a 13" ThinkPad as his main computer, and I think he's insane, but he doesn't deal with the number of interfaces and complex work that I do. As a programmer of 10 years, I can only criticize the current market because I know how much better I had it before, and believe me, if this were better on the scales, I wouldn't be complaining.

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