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Wed Apr 27 02:38:36 GMT 2016 - Yesterday

The stats they put at the top of the page are pretty sad.
  • Average of only 30 votes per idea.
  • Average of only 4 comments per idea.
  • Only 2% of ideas implemented.

At only 61 ideas implemented per year, it would take almost 420 years to work through all of the submitted ideas.

Suggestion: Dell Software need to scan drivers and Install

Sun Apr 24 16:49:02 GMT 2016 - Apr 24, 2016

Hi CarlGus0,

already there. But, not effective. Before package are only scan the device driver not to install. My suggestions is, takes system tag while scanning driver after that single click install all drivers like Intel Driver updates.


Sun Apr 24 12:47:22 GMT 2016 - Apr 24, 2016

What would be the point? If the bugs were patched, it would be open source. I can only see the point if it was for their servers where you don't pay for the hardware and OS, you pay for the Hardware and support. That way they're more of an intergrated solutions provider.

16:10 or 3:2 displays at ~4k resolutions

Sun Apr 24 12:39:43 GMT 2016 - Apr 24, 2016

I like it, but they would have to get their vendors like LG and Samsung to agree. Back in the day, IBM used to custom order screens for the Thinkpads, but this seems to be quit the task and I'm not sure if Dell has the bargaining position. Maybe if they can get a lot of people to be real vocal about it like a change.org pettition. But then there's supply and demand. Are you really going to pay an extra $240 to get an extra 240 extra pixels?

Cheaper parts to capture the 17% without computers

Sun Apr 24 12:06:16 GMT 2016 - Apr 24, 2016

Most people don't prioritize desktop or laptop computers over smart phones. To most people, their phone comes first and most don't need desktop or a laptop for internet because their phone can do that.

But, come the time when you need more flexibility than what a tablet or phone can provide, Dell will be there. Be it typing doccuments, maling a spreadsheet, writting code, 3D modeling, audio engineering, editing video, CAD work, photo editing or gaming.

Dell already offers affordable solutions with financing for basic computing. You can get a new machine for under $200. It's not going to be the best machine in the world, but it should get the job done. Yeah, sure it may need a RAM upgrade because 2GB of RAM isn't enough for a lot of tabs, (of which I should post an idea on) but you can contact sales and ask for a RAM upgrade to little aditional cost.

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