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the ultimate XPS

Mon Jun 29 14:58:40 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

Did you look up the laptop I mentioned? The Yoga is a lower-end laptop, actually.
i7-5600u vs. i7-5500u
16GB RAM vs. 8GB RAM
512GB SSD vs. 256GB SSD.

If you're desperate for the oversized two-in-one, look at the Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1. It is bulkier and heavier, but big 2-in-1's are always bulkier and heavier.

the ultimate XPS

Mon Jun 29 12:50:58 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

well actually, only the thinkpad yoga 14/yoga 3 14 offer the best internals with the better design, theres nothing in dell's disposal that can remotely compete with these.

thats why im suggesting an xps 14 with better internals.


Mon Jun 29 10:16:37 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

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Improved Alienware 15 / 17 R2 Sleep Management

Sat Jun 27 07:21:28 GMT 2015 - 3 days ago

Also, it seems that the CPU is power-limit throttled to 35w TDP when the GPU is active, even if you have the 970m GPU and the 240W AC adapter... there is no real power issue but TDP is limited to the CPU in some conditions FOR NO REASON. This should also be fixed in a BIOS update. The 4980HQ Has a TDP of 47 watts and the laptop can handle the heat.
Reports of this can be found in page 135 or so of the '17 r2 official owner's lounge' on notebookreview

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