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minimum resolution for displays

Tue Sep 23 15:26:49 GMT 2014 - 3:26 PM

Saw them on the outlet--Inspiron and another model that I cannot recall. Gone now.

Google "dell 17.3 1366x768"--the first page has a couple of Inspiron models with 17.3" and 1366x768 on Amazon

Tried Dell's site--cannot find tech specs only Features & Design.

Have the tech specs gone the way of configurable laptops?

Again Dell Branded logo on Charger!!

Tue Sep 23 15:04:57 GMT 2014 - 3:04 PM

Thank you pydsigner. VinOth_vingO - I removed the service tag information from your comment for your security. Is the charger marked as a Dell on on the sticker?

Idea for Dell Products learning website

Tue Sep 23 14:34:20 GMT 2014 - 2:34 PM

I would say just put in "none" for company and for title pick whatever is closest to your chosen career. You can always update it later when you find an employer. :)

minimum resolution for displays

Tue Sep 23 14:11:15 GMT 2014 - 2:11 PM

I  fixed it for you. Thanks for the additional information on the M4800. I do not see 1366 x 756 on the Inspiron 17 5000 or 7000. Are you perhaps looking at a different model?

Again Dell Branded logo on Charger!!

Mon Sep 22 23:30:09 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I can confirm this -- my 15R's power adapter does not have the Dell logo anywhere, although "Dell Inc" and "Dell Products" appear on the sticker in small print.

Idea for Dell Products learning website

Mon Sep 22 18:25:55 GMT 2014 - Yesterday


I,m a job seeker. But, graduated engineer  in 2013.  I,m very interesting to learn and excited about new things from Dell. 

How can i register in delltrainingcentre.com.  In the registration page Dell asking the details about company name and job title. But, both the field. i,m not eligible to fill the details. Because, basically i,m a job seeker. 

Untill  i willl get the job opportunities, i was doing solve an issuefor customers  in Dell Community and also Microsoft Community threads. and also i,m a good e-learners too.
i learning in MVA, WD university via online. Now, I would like interest in Dell training centre.

Is it any possible way, Could you Help me to  register from the above website without give the details about company and job title for learning purpose? 

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