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More and better Alienware peripherials

Tue Jul 22 13:06:06 GMT 2014 - 1:06 PM

Thank you for sharing the feedback Henvertek. Left handed mouse aside, what would you change about the current Alienware branded peripherals? 

Decent Docking Station for Ultrabooks

Mon Jul 21 20:33:09 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for sharing your feedback remm. I am actually typing this response with the M3800 and USB 3.0 dock. Please update the idea if you think of anything else you would like to see in a new dock version. 

Dual Camera Laptop

Mon Jul 21 18:55:12 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for sharing AJONAHU. Depending upon the distance the student sits from the presentation the area captured could be too little or too great. Do you have a suggestion to compensate for distance and picture quality?

Ultraportable comeback!

Sat Jul 19 15:47:49 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

Forgot to mention, DO NOT solder the graphics card to the motherboard of the Alienware 11 in order for everyone to keep upgrading the laptop!


Sat Jul 19 01:57:24 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

To moderator Cy_3:  They would be attached either w/a metal sleeve that would go over the chair arms themselves w/an adjustement to make them fit any and all chair arms, or for those who do not use chairs w/arms an adjustable post on which the keyboards would be attached to the chair seat itself.  Thanks. 

Win 8 and Win 8.1 PC is much slower in surfing the web at low connection speed than Win 7 PC

Fri Jul 18 16:03:59 GMT 2014 - Jul 18, 2014


I do not have a specific measurement such as speed test etc, I based on my impression on the tresponsive ness.
Today I have u[dated the Chome Browser to the latest version and I have run trouble shooting internet connection at Action Centre. The speed is now better than Win 7.  Now I think Win 8 is bewtter than Win 7. I will continue to monitor the performance.

Thank you

Win 8 and Win 8.1 PC is much slower in surfing the web at low connection speed than Win 7 PC

Thu Jul 17 13:40:43 GMT 2014 - Jul 17, 2014


I am using the same PC (Dell Inspiron 660-S) and same ISP at the same location to conduct the test.
First I utilised fully all my high speed quota and I used the 128 kbps trottled speed to suft the nert for one week and note down my experience. This is done by this PC that is installewd with Win 7 (home Premium).

Next, I upgrade oit to Win 8 and do the same and compare my experience with the Win 7 PC earler.

I notice that the Win 8 PC does not load the web pages as fast as thw Win 7 PC.

Perhaps this is mny subjecti vew judgement and need more scientific and statistical base testing which I am not able to do it by myself. Perhapd Dell Technical Team copuld assist in this area to confirm if my subjective judgement is correct.


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