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Dual or Quad Socket Motherboard for FM2

Mon Jul 06 06:47:01 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

(Ikihi) I am agree your comment i really like this type would be interesting if dell got into the motherboard market. of interesting topic keep it up. 

Alienware 17 R2 2015; This laptop should come with a 230W AC adapter, not 180 watts. Throttles immensely.

Sat Jul 04 20:43:53 GMT 2015 - 3 days ago

@lilw, invalid link but this is correct (deleted part of the url you posted); http://www.ideastorm.com/Idea2ReadIdea?Id=087700000009mDXAAY
"2015 Alienware R2 17" Laptop Heat Fix, Here is how."

That is not having to do with the 180W AC adapter. Just better fan speed profiles (which is a good idea too). I also am all for CPU overclocking without needing the Graphics Amplifier installed.


Alienware 15 bios supporting both 240 watt as well as 180 watt solutions, and custom fan profile selection

Sat Jul 04 09:29:08 GMT 2015 - 3 days ago

Actually that idea is just pertaining to the fan profiles and i've made this new thread to request power options (180 watt and 240 watt) so that hybrid power is disabled on 240 watt PSUs , saving battery while also lifting the 36 watt TDP cap on the CPU which u can find is a problem for every customer... 
I am upvoting the linked idea , please upvote this idea as well :)

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