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Ditch Alienware 14 and make thin n light Alienware 15 to compete with MSI GS60/70 and Razer Blade

Thu Sep 18 16:47:49 GMT 2014 - 4:47 PM

I have to ask (since this suggested is being featured at the time of commenting), how will this laptop follow the Alienware "user-upgradability" phioslophy? It would be pretty hard to squeeze in a MXM 3.0 GPU and a LGA CPU in a thin laptop (like the ones you mentioned). If the only things the are upgradable are everything but the CPU and/or GPU, then the laptop defeats its purpose and is just another trend following laptop. I think something like this needs to be addressed as a return of an Alienware 15 can draw customers, but could repel them if some find out the CPU and GPU are soldered.
In the near future, it can be possible, but what about now?

Ideas for Brand new Dell Unique PEN DRIVES!!!!

Thu Sep 18 15:53:51 GMT 2014 - 3:53 PM

        We don't like plastic pen dirves. it is easily broken within a few years. So, this model is a steel pen drive. We are very happy to purchase. (important thing is, that pen dirve are include prevent shock's feature).
Some brand companies were already implemented. But, the major disadvantage is sometimes the pen drives met shocks while connecting into our laptop's. Its leads the drive failure.

In my experience, push button pen dirve  are more failue  issues. 
  1. Give some basic  instruction How to use pen drives properly
  2. Mentioned class type into the pendrive cover  (Eg: class 4,6,10) 
  3. Clearly  print the  serial number on the pendrive & cover too.
  4. Registration page and warranty check facility are important. will the customers to know the warranty details using their serial number  (eg: dell.com/pendrive)
  5.  provide some software like Registration, diagonastics, preminum cloud storage synchrosizing  with pen drives
  6. basic softwares are stores to the pen drive at the manufacturing time.
  7. Customer are purchasing  pen drives with includes the basic software package inside the drive.
 Is it possible to add water proof technology in  pen drives?  

Triple screen laptop with sliding keyboard

Thu Sep 18 13:01:29 GMT 2014 - 1:01 PM

Interesting. I think there would need to be some thought put into design so that the dock where the verticle screen attaches can be hidden. As for the stand alone capabilities of the verticle display, do you mean it would be like a seperate tablet? 

Inducting wearable technologies like Fin, Nod, etc

Thu Sep 18 12:57:16 GMT 2014 - 12:57 PM

I removed the duplicate post for you. Sounds like you have a new idea to post if you woudl like. I can then discuss editing further in the new idea so we don't confuse people in this one. 

Interactive Projected Phone/Tablet/Computer Screen

Thu Sep 18 12:45:00 GMT 2014 - 12:45 PM

Thank you for posting jay105. I have seen laser projected keyboards in the past but using air current disturbances is something new to me. Can you explain how the system could be compact while blowing air and accurately determining the current disturbance? 

Ideas for Brand new Dell Unique PEN DRIVES!!!!

Thu Sep 18 12:41:02 GMT 2014 - 12:41 PM

Thank you for the idea. Dell does have some branded USB drives for events so I can give you a better idea of how a Dell manufactured one could look. If this idea was implemented is there a particular style of pen drive that everyone would be interested in?

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