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Fully Custom Laptop

Sat Oct 03 22:21:16 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

Right, hence why I would suggest using a lot of off-the-shelf components, including chassis, but opening up how they're combined and offering some rarer low parts on the side. The biggest issues for the thermal envelope are the CPU and GPU, and those are the parts that I think most people are willing to move up in size to upgrade.

Fully Custom Laptop

Sat Oct 03 13:21:43 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

There are two major stumbling blocks to the idea.... cost and design. Providing the customer with unlimited options means stocking not only those options but designing several cases to support those options. Sure you can jam high powered componants in a case but unless that case is designed around the configuration you will have problems with thermals which leads to hot hands and performance issues. You could also design each size case to the thermals of the high end componants but that brings up the cost to the low end customer. Designing for the top end also adds weight and size to the system so you lose the customers looking for something thin and light. 

This is why you see so many different models based on need rather than an uber system that you simply tell Dell what to put into it. 

Offering More Accessory Options

Sat Oct 03 04:07:58 GMT 2015 - Yesterday

Dell does seem to have some partnerships, but definitely not on the scale that you are suggesting. I'd definitely like to see more Dell-approved accessories myself so I'm with you on this.

Optional Operating System!

Fri Oct 02 05:33:09 GMT 2015 - 2 days ago

Tired of Windows, Mac OS X,Dell XPS 15, Linux or no matter software system that you are presently victimization on your laptop, and desire making an attempt one thing new? Or maybe you wish to check the leading edge in software system style or conclude what the platform of the longer term goes to be like. Otherwise you could merely need to do out a system that your friends area unit victimization to ascertain whether or not you'll be able to use it for your laptop. This page lists a spread of free operative systems on the market that you simply will transfer and install on your laptop. Several of the systems conjointly open supply thus you'll be able to also tinker with the system, conclude however it works, and learn from it. I actually have some sensible work experience with a serviced apartment in Kochi and my words area unit clearly supported what I felt through such processes within the past and laptops are more helped to my work. So, you need to agitate it exactly and principally in a formidable manner.

Fully Custom Laptop

Sun Sep 27 19:44:28 GMT 2015 - Sep 27, 2015

I'll say again that I think that Dell could become a major competitor in the PC botique market with a low-volume/high-margin brand selling super-custom PCs but backed with the volume component buying power of Dell. Want a standard 15" 1366x768 screen? Get a savings because Dell has massive numbers of them in Inspiron 15 laptops. Want a 4k anti-glare panel? You'll have to shell out a higher premium for that component, but you can at least get it.

Optional Operating System!

Sat Sep 26 16:44:42 GMT 2015 - Sep 26, 2015

I recently bought a laptop from ASUS which is cheap and of course working well on Windows. I also prefer Windows 7 because it is too easy to acclimatize with the version as the user interface has been designed to work with a user easily. The next versions such as Windows 8 and 8.1 are difficult to adapt to some extent. The homepage of the 8.1 version looks like block of options and it is fully based on outlook. Since we have used the older versions such as XP, Vista etc, 8 and 8.1 one not easily understandable. Now, Microsoft released Windows 10 which can be used as both 8.1 as well as 7. But, I prefer Windows 7 for ease of access.

Optional Operating System!

Fri Sep 25 06:23:50 GMT 2015 - Sep 25, 2015

Hi PotentiallyBatman,

Windows 7 Pro is available on the Dell website. These are Inspirons.

This page has the Latitudes.

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