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AVG pre-installed

Fri Jul 29 09:58:52 GMT 2016 - 9:58 AM


GE's dual piezo cooling technology for tablets, laptops.

Thu Jul 28 10:06:53 GMT 2016 - Yesterday

looks like we are improving day by day. i sometimes wonder that we have some alien technology which is helping us to develop.
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Biodegradable Packing material

Thu Jul 28 10:02:13 GMT 2016 - Yesterday

nowadays companies use air ballon type product to keep small delicate parts secure while shipping but big parts like monitor can only be kept safe by using styrofoam etc materials. i agree all company should do something aboout that. if one company take a step then others will surely follow that company.
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Dell-AR Innovation

Thu Jul 28 07:24:47 GMT 2016 - Yesterday

Nowadays due to some kind of misuse or improper handling our electrical devices get damaged.
And we just rang local repairman for repair of those devices. We do so because local repairmen are cheap. That’s a point.
But what happens after that repair is that device start malfunction again after some time and we call that repairman again and this cycle goes on and on. That’s because those repairman repair your devices in that way that those device will need repair again after some time.
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App for travel

Wed Jul 27 12:12:35 GMT 2016 - 2 days ago

listing best movie app for android iOS is a big task we have been working quite a while to bring the list of free movie apps for our reader after long research and review we have come up with free movie streaming app for smartphones the list content the apps which not just allow apps to be install on android ios and pc laptop.you can check out those apps list click here

AVG pre-installed

Wed Jul 27 08:01:08 GMT 2016 - 2 days ago

 Dell has pre-installed McAfee for years and also AVG to pre-install their software on new Dell systems.thats grat news. i really like the dell laptops and computers.  compare Samsung Smartphones at pricedhamaka and get the lowest price deals.

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