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Alienware graphics amplifier proper desktop gaming edition

Thu Mar 26 07:18:17 GMT 2015 - 2 days ago

@pydsigner the amplifier wasn't designed with portability in mind in the first place so why should this version be? please note the original title of this suggestion was more along the lines of "Alienware graphics amplifier extreme edition + alienware 18 ultrabook combo"

G-Sync or Free-Sync M

Tue Mar 24 02:38:22 GMT 2015 - Mar 24, 2015

Hi there. It's me again. This will probably fall on deaf ears as all of my request have in the past, but as an owner of a U2311H Ultrasharp I'd love to have a curved 34" that supported Freesync. The cost to implement is so minimal I really wouldn't think it too much to ask.

I'd ask for a Carrizo-based Latitude or XPS, but there's likely no point with Dell's stance on AMD hardware.

Thank you.

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