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Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Sun Jan 25 16:01:00 GMT 2015 - 4:01 PM





Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Fri Jan 23 09:12:11 GMT 2015 - 2 days ago

A SLI graphics amplifier would not be sufficient as a substitute for a huge laptop with an Extreme CPU, unlocked BIOS and internal SLI. Being tethered to a desk for any reason with a laptop is not a good option. Having that as a supplement to a machine fully equipped with internal components as something extra to play with would be fun, but it's not an acceptable means to an end.

A 1080p 18" display is uncommon. A 2560x1600 18" laptop display does not currently exist. Having one manufactured in limited quantities for one laptop, on brand, one model, would be astronomically expensive. Higher resolution, even 2560x1440 would be a very "nice to have" thing, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with 1080p. Step one would be to resurrect the beast, or something even more powerful, but it needs to be completely self-contained and not dependent upon peripheral accessories for maximum performance.

Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Thu Jan 22 06:16:48 GMT 2015 - 3 days ago

My M18x R2 will unfortunately be my first and last Alienware product if this is truely the end of the 18 inch line of products. And I also agree with the other commenters about upgrades, we should be able to do it. What this current line up has done is thrown away all of the Alienware ideology that made it great.

Alienware is no longer an enthusiast's company, you are now just a cookie cutter run of the mill laptop with fancy lights. 

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