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App for travel

Thu Jul 14 09:10:27 GMT 2016 - Jul 14, 2016

Similarly, I'm movie freak. Getting a good movie app is always a hard task. I wis there should be an open library platform that can render movies direct on the mobile device or PC. App should fetch the data and stream it for free. App should not include illegal content but there are lots of content that could be streamed without violating any copyright issues. Though there are many apps available but they are not stable.

Movie App Idea | Check This App

computing for the elderly

Sat Jul 09 11:41:43 GMT 2016 - Jul 9, 2016

I would also like to have something, for example for my parents. For this I was thinking using Windows 10 mobile but in a small case, more powerful than mobile phones, using Continuum. Parents would have a "computer", very simple, maybe also with a simcard, they already use cell phone mostly at home. They could use Skype, browse internet, see pictures, play movies, and play games stimulating minds. 

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