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how do i obtain a disclore from r & d

Wed May 06 04:28:49 GMT 2015 - 4:28 AM

yes i understand how ideas are just intelect however i have proto type and ability to market and manufactor id rather not have the paperwork to deal with so ill leave it to the best company to open dialect with however your right dell does not pay for ideas but they may pay for prototypes and pattens.

how do i obtain a disclore from r & d

Wed May 06 04:05:57 GMT 2015 - 4:05 AM

Hi matthew2015,

You should have read the terms of service when you opened an account with Ideastorm. It specifically states that all ideas become the property of Dell. This is a voluntary site and Dell does not pay for the ideas.

how do i obtain a disclore from r & d

Wed May 06 03:48:21 GMT 2015 - 3:48 AM

i would like to discuse these ideas here  however i would also like royalties for advertising and manufacturing seeing i can do both myself so a disclorsure would greatly enhance that i do and besides im not greedy i like dell as a company, they seem to keep thier shareholders happy, and i would like to become a small asset for future product development and advertising new ideas.

make more portable and powerfull laptops

Sun May 03 19:56:18 GMT 2015 - 3 days ago

To a large extent power is limited by the size and thermal capabilities of a system. However, Dell's current XPS systems attempt as much as possible to put power in a small form factor. What improvements do you still want to see?

Increase Alienware Expansion Slots

Tue Apr 28 12:53:15 GMT 2015 - Apr 28, 2015

Perhaps the designers were thinking about the limits of the 28-lane i7-5820K? Three graphics cards on 28 lanes will about max that out if I'm calculating correctly. I understand that the 5930X has a ridiculous amount of lanes, but there's a possiblity in my mind that the designers did not want to suggest more bandwidth than is actually available to the base processor.

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