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Why 16:9 aspect ratio for monitors? Why not 12:9 (4:3)?

Mon Jan 26 00:53:14 GMT 2015 - 3 days ago

> Who decided that computer monitors had to match television format?

Tech journalists.
They don't take/have the time to do a proper review of the machines anymore, they just give it to their kids to watch a video. Thus, the reviews are biased towards 16:9 screens.

One should think that at least one manifacturer would pander to the crowd that actually want to DO stuff with their machines, but no: they refuse. Playing me-too is apparently well ingrained in their corporate culture.

I've had a series of Dell laptops. 10 years ago we had 35% better resolution! And it went downhill from there. Now I see the writing on the wall: Next time, it'll be a MacBook.

Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Sun Jan 25 23:07:30 GMT 2015 - Jan 25, 2015

Okay, since the idea submission site is undermaintance for a long period of time. I would love to address a few things regarding about AW18 Model as much as I wanted it to come back.

1.) Since you guys bought over AW & you guys have all the resources for ALL component, I dare you to lower the price & work on building on Clevo based architecture.

A.) Make most consumer realize that the price aren't that far off compared to MSI as other brands don't provide Clevo upgradability platform. 

B.) Swappable components afforadable so consumers can have a future proof machine instead of BGA soldered ones. 

C.) Instead of waiting for some companies to provide you 5K 18" resolution monitor, I best suggest you to have your research & technician teams to study how IPS is built and start creating AW IPS Panel for 17" & 18.4" to penetrate the untouched market. Remember to also provide few Color calibration options for Multimedia users too as I believe there are creative professionals like me who wants to enjoy the best of work & gaming. It is Alienware, be the DIFFERENCE instead of the NORM. That's what truly makes work & life exciting! 

2.) I'm a Visionary, an Entrepreneur, an Innovator, and I'm already am building my very own smart devices & I am very interested in making it compatible to AW's functionality which I placed that idea to the shelf. Will propose a great deal with you guys to make this world better & provide advance technology to meet our users needs. 

3.) Sending me a new prototype design of the AW 18 would be excellent for me to review & to mass market it! More importantly, It needs to be redesigned, Comfortable incline Palm rest, Great heat dissapation - water cool compatible. Still love the exterior looks of it compared to the previous M18x Gen. Keep it AWESOME & yet SIMPLE is the key but don't let FEAR stalls you for your Creativity! 

Kindly get back to me as I am interested in working together & building the world's finest Gaming / Workstation Desktop replacement Laptop!


Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Sun Jan 25 16:01:00 GMT 2015 - Jan 25, 2015





Alienware 18 Inch laptops discontinued

Fri Jan 23 09:12:11 GMT 2015 - Jan 23, 2015

A SLI graphics amplifier would not be sufficient as a substitute for a huge laptop with an Extreme CPU, unlocked BIOS and internal SLI. Being tethered to a desk for any reason with a laptop is not a good option. Having that as a supplement to a machine fully equipped with internal components as something extra to play with would be fun, but it's not an acceptable means to an end.

A 1080p 18" display is uncommon. A 2560x1600 18" laptop display does not currently exist. Having one manufactured in limited quantities for one laptop, on brand, one model, would be astronomically expensive. Higher resolution, even 2560x1440 would be a very "nice to have" thing, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with 1080p. Step one would be to resurrect the beast, or something even more powerful, but it needs to be completely self-contained and not dependent upon peripheral accessories for maximum performance.

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