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Printing from mobile devices to Dell products

Wed Apr 19 09:02:24 GMT 2017 - Apr 19, 2017

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Ergonomic Key Pad for Digital Artists & Creators

Sat Mar 25 09:20:53 GMT 2017 - Mar 25, 2017

Hey Hyncharas, that'd be great!

I've been pondering the design a little more, and I find the G1 and G7 buttons a bit too much of a stretch; they need to be brought inwards slightly, and then maybe an additional row of 5 buttons placed above those, to achieve a loose, tapering diamond shape, which makes a lot of sense from an ergonomic standpoint. The G20 & 22 are positioned very comfortably. The strong indents on G10, 11 & 12 helps to navigate back to default position amongst the other flat-surfaced keys.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to increase the height of the touch strip and incorporate saturation as well as brightness; making it a square or triangle shape. I get the feeling that having two individual touch strips - one for value, and one for saturation - would turn out far less buggy, and be easier to create smooth drivers for; as it'd be mapping two things individually on a single line from 0-100%. A triangle or square would be 3 or 4 edges, and might require 3-4 sets of 0-100% depending on how that technology actually works... and then having to account for everything in between those edges, which might be a little too ambitious.

However, I'm terrible at maths, and I don't do programming; so if I'm wrong, and a square or triangular touch pad can easily function using only two 0-100% values, then incorporating Saturation/Brightness in a single touch strip would be very comfortable, efficient and certainly wow a lot of people.

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