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Better Express/Service Tag

Mon Dec 22 23:44:32 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I've seen the masking tape solution as well, but it's even more tacky and it peels just as bad if not worse.  Then when you need to change the tape it rips the lamite layer right off the service tag.

Better Express/Service Tag

Mon Dec 22 23:38:01 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Hi skipfire,
I have always put a piece of clear, wide packing tape over the service tag number to protect it. I also write it down and keep it in a secure place. This is my solution to protect it, but it would be better if Dell and Alienware came up with a better solution.

Alienware notebook with docking connector

Mon Dec 22 18:05:22 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Completely agree.  The USB docking stations work, but it does require the cable, and it doesn't provide power.  The USB docking stations also require a lot more CPU & RAM.

Decent Docking Station for Ultrabooks

Mon Dec 22 14:49:59 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

I have a few more complaints and ideas that I would like to add to this suggestion.

I own an XPS13 ultrabook and I am very frustrated with the current state of the art of docking stations for ultrabooks. For years I have used Dell Latitudes (at least five if not more models) and I have always been very happy their docking station support: Pop in, pop out. The concept of a USB docking station (at least the D3000 model that was recommended to my by Dell) together with Win 8.1 is still flawed in several ways:
  • No "power" button: This means you need to keep your laptop open in order to reach the power button. Yes, you can play some tricks so that Windows doesn't sleep when you close the lid but that setting also applies to when the laptop is not plugged in. Clearly a missing hardware feature that needs to be addressed by Dell.
  • Many software problems:
    •  Windows does not correctly change scaling: When I log into Windows first when undocked, Windows applies DPI scaling for XPS13's high DPI screen. Then when I dock to use an external monitor, Windows does not propery switch off high DPI scaling and the UI looks horrible: Some fonts are too large, some too small, and many look interpolated. Because of this problem I find myself using the XPS13 undocked and in unergonomic positions a lot more frequently than with previous laptop because I dread the restart.
    • Software problems in Windows, such as a mouse pointer that for periods of time turns invisible when mouse pointer is not moved for a second or two. Only violently monving the mouse turns the mouse pointer visible again until it is not moved for a second or two when it disappears again.
    • I encountered at least one game (Portal 2) that crashes when laptop is connected to USB docking station and uses a dock-connected external screen.
Disclaimer: I spent hours searching for solutions to either of the three problems and could not find anything that fixed them. It could be just a configuration problem on my machine but I figured I will put this out there in case other people encounter it, too.

I don't know whether the "software" problems are caused by Windows or by a Dell driver but (assuming it is not just a problem on my machine) Dell should use it's market power and resources to work with Microsoft on designing a USB docking station that comes as close as possible to a seamless experience as the Latitude series. In my opinion, proper docking support is prerequisite for the professional market, for people who spend many hours a day in front of their computers, and the price of XPS13s is definitely in that range. Today's incomplete hardware solution, buggy realization in software and fiddling with a minimum of two cables is NOT professional.


Sat Dec 20 05:10:33 GMT 2014 - 3 days ago

I think the Alienware Alpha pretty much sums that up and there are lots of emulators online for gameboy games.

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