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Tattoo Shoe's

Sat Aug 30 04:16:13 GMT 2014 - 4:16 AM

Would you like to see the Dell logo, as well as stars and hearts?

Tattoo Shoe's

Fri Aug 29 18:26:40 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for sharing. Is the idea that Dell produce such a shoe?

Dell Digital Downloads

Fri Aug 29 12:24:03 GMT 2014 - Yesterday

Thank you for the information LANMANTA. I have forwarded your post to my contacts in drivers and downloads.

Alienware Ideas for Laptops 2K14

Fri Aug 29 07:01:59 GMT 2014 - Yesterday


1) I totally understand your point but in that case don't you think that it would have more sense to have 11", 14" and 17" models instead of 14", 17" and 18" ? The 11" one would be a really nice travel sized powerhouse.... But MAYBE I am the only one interested in that format for personal reason and I understand that it won't be a viable option for Dell.

Why we need a monitor that gives out radiation?

Tue Aug 26 19:38:46 GMT 2014 - Aug 26, 2014

The problem with this concept is that projectors do exist, and Dell even sells a very small model, yet monitors are still used for small applications. This is because projectors are much more temperamental for desk jobs than a monitor is. I would note that additionally, light is itself fundamentally just visible electromagnetic radiation.

NEW Alienware M11x convertible please.

Tue Aug 26 15:23:42 GMT 2014 - Aug 26, 2014

Thank you for sharing the idea Suo.Eno. When you say "convertable" in which format were you thinking? (folding, detatchable or flip)

How ergonomic our systems are?

Tue Aug 26 12:51:46 GMT 2014 - Aug 26, 2014

Thank you for the added clarification. According to OSHA the monitor should be positioned so that the top line of the screen is at or below eye level when the user is seated in the correct ergonomic position. You can read more about Dell's Regulatory Compliance including ergonomics via this page

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