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Online Memory

Feb 3, 2014

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Currently everyone need to carry a laptop or their smartphones to access their valuable files everywhere they go, say office etc. Has anyone ever wondered if they could turn any PC to their own PC with their operating system, and all the personalization they have made, just from a login. It may sound magical, but if it was possible then you can access your desktop from any PC in the world. And imagine about a world where you never have to worry about getting low of memory to store your world, or loosing valuable data on theft or damage of your device. So I am trying to resolve such problems through this idea of Online Memory. I suggest a device which perform as the online memory which comes in-build to any PC. This device act as a substitute for Hard-disk. It functions as a hard-disk, but it doesn't have a definite memory, like 80GB etc. Instead of saving your files in the device, it uploads everything to the cloud. I have developed a basic block diagram of the device which could define its parts and how it works..Follow the Link below:

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World Services - Wi-Fi around the World

Feb 1, 2014

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I had this really great idea that I hope it will come true in the future.I think this idea will be great for a wide Range of broadband anywhere you go.You don't even have to pay much as the cellular company's regular price.Jan.31.2014Project Name: WORLD SERVICE Strong Wi-Fi Broadband using Satellite. Fast Download & Upload Speed (1000TB P/S if Possible). Secured Profiles by Password Servers Given One Access Code per Customers (No One Else Can Access To Your Account But YOU.) High-Level Anti-Hacker Security Family PLAN ($200 e/ Month) (Family Listed On Form Will Get Their Own Password.) One Person Plan ($50 e/ Month) No Hidden FEES. Sign a Contract To Accept Rules, and Terms & Services REQUIREMENT PEOPLE FOR THIS PROJECT: Wi-Fi Tech Computer Tech Satellite Tech Engineer CAD Designer Permission to Access Satellite Services. Ex. NASA. 3D PRINTING:ROUTER BOX CASE & MINI-Wi-Fi Broadband & Receiver Case (Extend Wi-Fi Range). NO NEED TO PAY FOR CELLELAR SERVICESWE WILL PROTECT ALL YOUR INFORMATIONS AGIANST HACKERS.YOUR DATA WILL NOT BE WATCHED OR GIVEN TO OTHER PARTIES.USE “WORLD SERVICE” WIFI ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD WITHOUT LOSING SERVICES & USING FAST DOWNLOAD & UPLOAD SPEED.

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Add more NIC port in Dell Servers

Jan 26, 2014

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Now most of companies are move to virtualization, & virutlization need more NIC ports,  Like I have 5 Host with 2 exter 1GB 4 port NIC and now I am planning to add one more 1GB 4port NIC.MY IdeaStorm is ..... Dell Launched special Model for virtualization like R720xd with 12 or 16 NIC portsI hope my IdeaStorm will be considerable. RegardsAsim 

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Desktop for Photography

Jan 6, 2014

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I'd like to see a desktop designed for photo buffs and photo experts. System needs to have a fast processor (love the 650) an attached but  removable storage, good sound card (we watch a lot of how-to videos!) and photoshop or lightroom soft ware. Media card reader of course, and anything else that would make digital photography a breeze to use!How about it Dell?

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Advanced Cooling System

Dec 16, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

Sometimes, overheating can fry our laptops. We don't want to experience such tragic event, do we?Also, a very hot laptop disrupts gaming experience as we can't touch its surface for a long duration unless we want to grill our hands.Why don't Dell use a more advanced cooling system? A modified heat pipe can solve this problem.This idea should be aimed at Alienware laptops in order to increase gaming experience and lifetime. NaK coolant: Sodium-potassium alloy, an alloy of potassium (K) and sodium (Na), is usually liquid at room temperature. This coolant is used by fast neutron reactor and satellites. It contains 40% to 90% potassium by weight, appears as a liquid in room temperature and has got has a density of 866 kg/m3 at 21 °C and 855 kg/m3 at 100 °C, making it less dense than water. Even though its specific heat capacity is only which is roughly one-fourth of that for water but its heat conductivity is higher over a temperature gradient due to higher thermal conductivity. Just be careful as NaK is highly reactive with water and may catch fire when exposed to air. Pressurized Hydrogen System: Dell can fit a small tank containing pressurized Hydrgoen gas. It's used in large power plants, currently. Since it has got interesting  properties, namely low density, high specific heat, and the highest thermal conductivity (at 0.168 W/(m·K)) of all gases; it is 7-10 times better at cooling than air. Also, another advantage of hydrogen is its easy detection by hydrogen sensors. So, fire risks can be minimized by installing a small Hydrogen sensor. The Flammability limit: 4-75% of hydrogen in air at normal temperature (wider at high temperatures). Pressurized Helium System: If Hydrogen flammability hinders its usage in coolant system, why don't Dell use a pressurized Helium system? It's thermal-conductivity is 0.142 W/(m·K). Liquid Sodium coolant pipes: An advantage of liquid metal coolants is high heat capacity which provides thermal inertia against overheating. This system is used in nuclear reactors. Just be careful as Sodium explodes when it comes to contact with water and ignites when it comes to contact with air. Sulfur Hexafluoride system: It's used for cooling and insulating of some high-voltage power systems. Chemically, it's inert and capable of "self-healing". Exposure to an arc chemically breaks down SF6. However,  most of the decomposition products tend to quickly re-form SF6. α-Propylene Glycol: It's a thermally stable heat transfer fluids exhibiting strong resistance to oxidation. Very pure deionized water: VPD water can be used a coolant in heat pipes as it has got high heat capacity. Also, it poorly conducts electricty. Thus, user can do a quick securing action should there be a leakage. Good luck Dell and don't forget 2014 Alienware Refresh.

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Dec 6, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

     Биометрическая карта личного доступа в качестве индивидуального средства защиты информации. Принцип действия основан на трёхуровневой защите доступа. В качестве первого уровня предлагается связь карты с конкретным компьютером или прочим устройством цифровой техники, в котором при каждом входе генерируется пароль, который заносится в карту для последующего доступа с генерацией другого пароля для третьего входа и так далее. Вторым уровнем защиты будет служить 32-х битный личный пароль пользователя, который он будет в состоянии изменить и занести в карту посредством программы управления, установленной на защищаемом компьютере. Третий уровень предполагает сканирование сетчатки глаза, отпечатка пальца как средство дополнительной защиты. По моему мнению, как разработчика, вышеперечисленные операции не доставят ощутимого дискомфорта и через небольшое количество применений станут обыденными и даже войдут в привычку, однако их совокупность позволит колоссально увеличить безопасность личной и коммерческой информации людей высокого уровня, таких как руководство фирм и корпораций, сотрудников банков, возможно, операторов рядовых военных объектов.Google Translation added by Moderator:Biometric personal access card as an individual means of information protection . The principle of operation is based on a three-level access protection . The first level offers a connection card with a specific computer or other device digital equipment, which is generated at each login password that is stored in the map for future access to the generation of a different password for the third entry and so on. The second level of protection will serve as a 32-bit personal user password , which he will be able to change and store your card through the control program that is installed on the protected computer . The third level involves a retinal scan , fingerprint as a means of additional protection. In my opinion, as a developer , the above steps do not deliver tangible discomfort and through a small number of applications will become commonplace and even will become a habit , but their combination would allow enormously increase the safety of personal and commercial information of people of high level , such as the management of firms and corporations , employees of banks perhaps operators ordinary military facilities.

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SSD options for OptiPlex lineup

Oct 2, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

Greetings all.   Like many, we order a large amount of all-in-one systems yearly, for our open access computer labs.   We have away from spinning disks completely, in favor of all SSDs.   The OptiPlex line (in our case the AIO 9010/9020) has only one SSD option - 128GB.   Our images are large enough though, that 128GB simply does not give us enough room.   We have tested the "hybrid" drives, and though they do fill a good niche between conventional spinning disks, and full SSDs, we are interested in only SSDs.   For our electronic classrooms that use towers, the only way we could get the larger SSDs we needed, was to order the more expensive, Precision towers (the 256GB SSD is available in the Precision line).   The 256GB SSDs offered in the Precisions, are the same "form factor" as the 128GB SSDs offered in the Optis (2.5", SATA interface, etc.)   Since there are no Precision, AIO options, and we need SSDs larger than 128GB, we have been forced to by AIOs from other manufacturers.   The AIOs we buy for our open access labs, are the only non-Dell units we purchase (again, due to the SSD limitation).   Our classroom towers, student checkout laptops, and servers, are all Dells.   I've communicated this with our Dell reps, but I think they're limited in what they can do.   Is there anyway Dell can make the 256GB SSDs they already have for the Precision lineup, available as an option for the OptiPlex lineup?   Thanks so much,   Matt

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