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Laptop for U

Apr 2, 2016

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Monitors (in customer care departments) should have some attracted background which entertains customers who sits in front. They should be some sort of videos or puzzles to entertain customers who sit in back of monitors. Instead of waiting long hours in front of customer services departments. Better if named as (Customer PC or PC for U)

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Helping your go-to-market teams & Dell/EMC integration

Mar 14, 2016

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I'm a huge fan of Dell, and I'm actually using a Dell monitor to type this note.While addressing the coming changes within the organization Michael Dell stated "This group will collaborate on innovative and differentiated solutions, optimize our operations to increase the speed and agility with which we serve our customers." This is BIG. Big goals require big actions.From content surfacing to collaboration, Docurated provides an intelligence infrastructure that thrives on complexities of huge organizations making them and their channel partners faster and more relevant to their customers with a quick, easy, and efficient access to all best information from across all business units and go-to-market organizations, while also helping with the Dell - EMC intergration a success.I'd love to touch base to explore whether Docurated could bring similar value to Dell. Wouldn't expect any decisions whatsoever, we'd really just like to convey the full value of our offering and gain your feedback.What's the best way to find 15 minutes to discuss this with someone who would find this relevant?Appreciate the opportunity,Best,Chin 

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All things advertisement

Feb 18, 2016

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I was angry at a family member and called them a few times as I realized they forgot to charge thier phone. I was sitting there on the phone and saw a magazine with a woman on the cover carrying a very thin computer. I lifted it up, it was my dell product catalog. I leafed through the pages, noticed microsoft works on each one, (looks great by the way) and got to the end. First I wondered what your yearly income from the periodical distribution is. Its really gorgoeous, then I was wondering why there wasn't a qr code on it. I stared at the pages as the phone rang. Then i realized that sometimes even if theres too much there should be more. Music and an interactive screen. I kept imagining a periodical from dell, with a weird little sticker on the end over the intel image which said peel me. Then an intro into dell products with weak audio would start to play on a mini screen the same size as the intel icon on the back of your product periodical. Lg not too long ago came out with a super flat thin scren tv thats translucent. I mean, all you would need is a very thin small piezoelectric speaker layer on the outside of the screen. I know, ludicrous, even if the worlds best technology exists, some people may think they can't afford it, too 'spectacular', something like a printed simple process mini screen might bridge that gap and increase your audience even further. Just a thought. Could even function as simply as minaturized led's. But, its not my place to come up with such wild things, I'm a very decent and calm person. Have a great day.

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