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Reducing number of cables

Feb 16, 2014

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Hello Dell,I like doing cablemanagement, but isn't it a bit time-wasting these days?Once in history, there were times when monitors were poweredby computer inner PSU, so you needed basically only one socket. It was not good due to high power consumption of those monitors.But today, a 24" FHD screen takes 18-22 Watts on consumption meter, and digital data are not that much threatened by EMI anymore.What do you think about a cable integrating DisplayPort and PWR? Some sort of standard that GPUs will be able to throughput some power from PSU to this output? Or it can be some sort of joint, where on the PCs side it will be split into DP and some PWR connector going to the PSU? You are making PSUs for your bussines computers (Optiplex) so I think it could find its way.New Optiplex Bundle with 2 screens and only one PWR cable, and desks in IT companies would look way better. What about that?Regards,Tom

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Dell Client Configuration Utility Suggestion

Jan 26, 2014

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While the multip system option is nice I'd like to be more specific.Example: from my Optiplex 9020 admin station I'd like to specificaly make package for the Latitude 3330.Currently I need to load the CCMT, and all of the necessary software to make CCMT run, on a 3330 to build the package.The end goal is to push the custom packages with Dell KACE to specific model machines.

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High connective with less numbers of towers/antennas.

Jan 18, 2014

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High connective with less numbers of towers/antennas. Telecom/ISP Corporations and Governments must come together on agreement to reduce number of telecom towers/antennas/optical fibers and increase connectivity. PROBLEM: Currently every company is putting on their own towers, antennas, optical fibers, spectrum and land leading to an ever increasing number of towers/antennas. PROS: Competitive market in terms pricing, offers, revenue and rapid evolving technology. Increasing coverage. CONS: Increasing health risks. Inefficient resource utilization. Increasing efforts to maintain standards. SOLUTION: Collaborative use of resources. A single coverage area must share one tower/antenna/optical fiber and fixes amount bandwidth. Different company should identify there users by only Unique Identify Number, that possibly can be the phone number if my idea is implemented. Telecom/ISP Corporations and Governments can charge the users just by knowing which Telecom/ISP/Governments have issued that Unique Identify Number. Establishing an organizational system for smooth upgradation in terms of technology and policies. If feasible devices in proximity can communicate directly and update their logs for billings and other stuffs. If fissile each device can act as a network node for every other devices around it. PROS: Efficient use of resources in terms of reduced number of towers, reuse/sharing of spectrum, efficient coverage and distributed cost. Users will get network in every other coverage area leading to a very good roaming capabilities. May be in future it might end up as Unique Identify Number of an INDIVIDUAL. Better tracking. CONS: Reduced Competitive market in terms distributed revenue and reduced rate of evolution in technology. Increase risk of hacking, but that’s what we got to fight. Better tracking. In the end BANKERS know money worth nothing before TRUST of people. Unique Identify Number can build that trust.

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allow domain to be configured for pre boot authentication

Dec 6, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

In Dell Data protection encryption options (from Wave) it was possible to set a default domain or allow the domain to be selected as a dropdown list during preboot authenticatoin. In the new Credent based Dell Security Tools 1.2 it is not possible, so a user must enter domain\username each time they boot the computer instead of just username. This is confusing for many users.preboot authentication pre-boot authentication

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Detect system crash and automatically run Diagnostics

Nov 15, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

Dell computers store an event log in the BIOS due to the following.1. Booting to windows issue2. Thermal Alerts3. Memory changes4. Fan failure5. Video card related alertsSystem can provide an option to run diagnostics / ePSA, detecting these failures / getting info from Event Log of BIOSGive an error - "We have detected a system crash, Would you like to run a diagnostics on your PC" after Dell LogoPress Enter to say Yes and Press Escape to say No. Benefits: Users can run diagnostics on the computer on their own before they call Tech Support.                 Can focus only Hardware or Software issue when they post their queries on Community forum / call Tech Support. Best Regards, VeejDeej

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