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Detect system crash and automatically run Diagnostics

Nov 15, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

Dell computers store an event log in the BIOS due to the following.1. Booting to windows issue2. Thermal Alerts3. Memory changes4. Fan failure5. Video card related alertsSystem can provide an option to run diagnostics / ePSA, detecting these failures / getting info from Event Log of BIOSGive an error - "We have detected a system crash, Would you like to run a diagnostics on your PC" after Dell LogoPress Enter to say Yes and Press Escape to say No. Benefits: Users can run diagnostics on the computer on their own before they call Tech Support.                 Can focus only Hardware or Software issue when they post their queries on Community forum / call Tech Support. Best Regards, VeejDeej

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Snap on traffic lights for South Africa and other developing countries

Oct 1, 2013

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Status: Acknowledged

Portable traffic light solutions already exist for Europe and the UK. However, they are bulky and the potential for theft is present. In South Africa (and Africa in general), we experience regular power outages and traffic light malfunctions.My proposal is to use some sort of highly portable snap on traffic light system which uses the existing traffic light structure as a frame. This would allow overworked traffic officers to control traffic and minimise potentially dangerous situations at intersections while waiting for maintenance/power to return.Snap on lights require some sort of bolting or locking that would prevent theft, or would be of sufficiently low cost/value that there would be little benefit in stealing it.

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