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Ergonomic Key Pad for Digital Artists & Creators

Wed Mar 22 07:59:46 GMT 2017 - 2 days ago

On the off chance that the G13 had two simple sticks (one adjustable, and one that in a flash snaps to the directional Hue), and a touch strip (like those on the Cintiq 24HD), it would be unbelievably effective dissertation proposal help and radically enhance work process. The general position of the upper keys on the G13 is extremely agreeable, so I'd think about that design and adjust it to be more reasonable.

ELIMINATE built-in microphones and cameras

Tue Mar 21 02:05:50 GMT 2017 - 3 days ago

Another minor point to make is for 'inexpensive' notebooks and tablets, where the overwhelming tendency is to solder in the lamest, blindest, cameras and most hard-of-hearing microphones, to cut cust.

A USB-C device can be as lean (poor ISP, or penniless buyer) or as ridiculous (3D 4K, ultra-noise reducing mikes with wind covers, whatever), or just a plastic snap-on that covers the place where it 'would go', if you even wanted it.  

Being USB-C, you could ebven turn the camera and microphones 180 degrees,   Making your notebook into a camera AND tripod for shooting creatively with an HD camera.


External RAM slot on laptops

Fri Mar 17 15:17:10 GMT 2017 - Mar 17, 2017

I thought I'd heard of everything in the PC world, until I read your idea and had to research it!

RAM slots are so close to the CPU because they need the shortest, most direct path for when the Cache is depleted; allowing the system to dip into the RAM's memory as an extension, before using the paging file.  For this reason, therefore, I don't think Dell would install an external RAM slot into any of their laptops, unless an unprecedented number of users wanted it.

However, there are tutorials online to use a Flash Drive's space as Virtual RAM - you may want to read those.

AlienFX support on Battlefield 1

Fri Mar 17 15:04:27 GMT 2017 - Mar 17, 2017

I wish I could help in this matter; unfortunately IdeaStorm's purpose is to suggest new harware and service concepts to Dell, not colours schemes for AlienFX...

I suggest you register on Alienware Arena's Forums, whose team may be of better help, located here.

ELIMINATE built-in microphones and cameras

Fri Mar 17 14:55:36 GMT 2017 - Mar 17, 2017

I totally agree with this - as much as internal webcams and microphones have improved in recent years, they will never compare to an external device, particularly with Intel's RealSense technology now becoming more prominent.

As Dell is soon to launch a commercial AR headset, and a graphics tablet, offering a camera and microphone that competes with Razer's "Stargazer" and "Seiren" products, respectively, would be a huge deal.

New alienware 18 ?

Fri Mar 10 20:48:11 GMT 2017 - Mar 10, 2017

My 18 comes off warranty in May, and im ready to buy a new one...Please build them again!

Inertia reel into power supply

Thu Mar 09 15:11:22 GMT 2017 - Mar 9, 2017

Good comments - but my orginal idea is around improving what we have today (which in my opinion is less than ideal). We have ultrabooks and beautiful devices but ugly unweildy and impractical powersupplies.

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