How are SSDs in notebooks increasing productivity?

Duration: Mar 18, 2014 - Jun 1, 2014

Status: Archived

Samsung has partnered with Dell in this Storm Session to gather your ideas around how SSDs in notebooks are increasing productivity.

For consumers, Samsung SSDs can be found in Dell's Ultrabooks and Latitudes. Whether it's transferring 4 DVDs in less than a minute, viewing multiple video streams, or accessing several programs simultaneously as you multitask, Samsung flash storage makes it possible. Dell Ultrabooks and notebooks with Samsung flash storage enable faster start-ups and shutdowns. Samsung flash storage provides the performance boost you can enjoy. To learn more about how Samsung SSDs deliver increased performance and reliability over standard hard drives check out the Whitepapers, videos and other resources available on Samsung's webpage for Dell.



For this Storm Session we would like you to share your feedback on increasing notebook productivity with SSDs. If you already have a notebook with an SSD, let us know how it has improved your performance. For those of you who with systems using a standard hard drive, tell us how you would use an SSD for performance gains. As always, if you have any ideas to improve SSDs in consumer systems, please share them as well.