Share your thoughts about the new Premier Lists functionality

Duration: Dec 6, 2013 - Jan 13, 2014

Status: Archived

Lists functionality was recently introduced on your new Premier page. It is designed to help you organize and access your frequently purchased products or bundles. And then save time when creating eQuotes and carts.



Some of the key features you should be aware of in regards to Lists:

• Create and save multiple lists for frequently purchased products and organizational standards, reducing reliance on your Dell Sales Rep to create and maintain standard configurations.

• Add items to a new or existing list for use later, like for creating an eQuote or cart. Full catalog items are available to add to a list. Standard configurations are planned for a future release.

• Collaborate with users in your organization by creating a Public list. Or, use the Shared setting to collaborate with a specific group of users. Select the Private setting for lists only to be used by you.

• Your lists never expire. If a product within a list is discontinued, you’ll receive a notification (coming in a future release). Since eQuotes do expire, add your favorite products to a list and use that list to create an eQuote when ready to make a purchase.


Check out the new Lists User’s Guide for additional information. 


We’d like to hear your feedback on the features and functionality of this new offering. What’s working well? What other functionality would you like as part of Lists? Start sharing your ideas today.