Let’s hear your ideas around Solutions Configurator

Duration: Nov 7, 2013 - Aug 1, 2014

Status: Archived

We’ve developed this Storm Session to give you, our Channel Partners, a way to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions around Solutions Configurator. This also provides a venue to have an open dialog, not only with the team that built the Solutions Configurator. Feel free to share thoughts, ideas or challenges around the Solutions Configurator. This empowers the team to act quickly to help support your business.

Watch our new Partner Overview Tutorial video on how to configure complex, validated Dell enterprise solutions. Note, the video will open in a new window and require that you log into Partner Portal.

Be sure to review contributions submitted by other Channel Partners and provide comments and/or vote—thumbs up or down. Collaboration and communication will ultimately benefit us all.

For example, we just delivered brand new solutions templates empowering Channel Partners to configure a variety of new solution reference architectures…would appreciate your thoughts. Check out the new video.

Start sharing your ideas today.