Mobility in the Workplace: Your Device, Corporate Information…

Duration: Apr 22, 2012 - May 4, 2012

Status: Archived


Smartphones now account for more than 80% of phones sold and Tablet growth is out pacing all projections.  Research suggests that soon 72% of devices in the corporate environment will be owned by employees.  This presents a great opportunity for businesses to allow employees to use the devices they want while improving their performance at work. 
We want to hear from employees and IT administrators on their current challenges with BYOD. 
  • As the IT Decision Maker at your organization how are you dealing with the growing number of personal Smart Devices in your organization?  What concerns you most about allowing corporate access on these devices?  How are you securing your data from social or consumer applications that also exist on these personal devices?
  • As employees what type of access do you currently have?  Email?  Applications?  What other business services or applications would you like to access from your personal device?