Your feedback is needed on the archival of older ideas.

Duration: Dec 7, 2011 - Dec 13, 2011

Status: Archived

Currently we are in the midst of working on the next version of IdeaStorm. We plan on gathering feedback from the community on features, functions and layouts as the project progresses. This will be the first of such Storm Sessions.

 One of the issues we face on IdeaStorm is the vast amount of older ideas on the site that many have referred to as "clutter". We are looking to improve the functionality of the site by archiving ideas that do not meet certain criteria to alleviate the problem. This is where we need some feedback from the community.

What criteria do you feel would be appropriate for an idea to meet in order to be archived? Examples would be specific statuses, vote totals, comment totals or idea age.
We look forward to your feedback and to creating a more robust IdeaStorm with your help.


Please see our Ideas in Action update at which explains the criteria which will be used for archiving as a result of this Storm Session. Thank you for the feedback!