How can the Internet drive innovation for sustainable business

Duration: Oct 31, 2011 - Nov 21, 2011

Status: Archived

The internet is important - its effects range from changes to our daily social activities to being a powerful engine for economic growth.  However, this engine requires natural resources and energy to operate.  While its resource consumption is significant, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) technology's potential impact could dramatically outweigh its cost.

 A sustainable economy needs to address ICT’s environmental footprint, while maximizing its ability to improve global business issues. These two challenges lie at the heart of these Storm Sessions, a series of global discussions hosted by Dell and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

 So how can new technologies and trends like cloud computing, social media and smart phones improve business operations, products and supply chains, as well as make innovation happen faster, spread wider and be more successful?  Specific questions include:
- What information do we need to share to spawn new ideas? How should we share it?
- How can ICT help accelerate innovative approaches to environmental issues?
- What resources and tools exist but are underutilized or still need to be created?
- What inhibits innovation in these areas? How can ICT help employees and customers overcome these barriers?
What will we do with your contributions? The Storm Sessions will supplement other projects going on to accelerate sustainability innovation in business. These efforts include Pew Center on Global Climate Change's "Low-Carbon Business Innovation" project and EDF's Eco-Challenge Series. Results from this brainstorming will be used to define and guide discussion at the Green Innovators in Business Solutions Lab on December 18, 2011, in Cambridge, Mass. The ideas will also be summarized and distributed online.