Offering Alienware Cases for Sale

Duration: Jul 11, 2011 - Jul 25, 2011

Status: Archived

Several months ago, many of you began to voice a desire to purchase Alienware cases by themselves, both on Ideastorm and Alienware Arena and here.  We're really pleased that the design and features of our cases have generated this type of response.

While we're obviously in the business of selling turn-key gaming rigs, we recognize that many gamers prefer the DIY route for the fun and unlimited customization that it offers.  It's exciting to think about how Alienware can contribute to this experience.

So we'd like to know, if Alienware were to make its cases available for purchase, what specifically would you be interested in?  Some questions to consider include;

* The specific case you'd want and why
* which features are "must haves" (AlienFX, Theater Lighting, Command Center, etc)
* which features would you leave out if it lowered the cost
* What kind of customizations would you expect, if any
* What level of 3rd party compatibility and testing would you expect
* What would your expectations for support be

Don’t hold back, please share your vision for what the ideal experience would be!