Help Celebrate IdeasStorm's Fourth Birthday

Duration: Feb 17, 2011 - Feb 18, 2011

Status: Archived

When IdeaStorm launched four years ago today, not only did the site set an early precedent for the social media space, but the launch also connected a community of passionate people who generated tons of great ideas - ranging from offering Linux as an OS option on Dell hardware, to suggesting our partnership with Product (RED), and many customer support improvements. Great ideas from an amazing community.

As we look forward to the next phase of IdeaStorm, let's take a moment today to celebrate the accomplishments, knowledge, and passion of the IdeaStorm community. Please post your birthday greetings, best wishes, and favorite IdeaStorm community stories as Ideas in this Storm Session.

A big thanks to community members Cy Jervis and Teddi Dunston in reminding us of the anniversary and also suggesting this Storm Session as a way to pay homage to the community of IdeaStorm members.

ps: We *really* want to focus today's storm session on celebrating the IdeaStorm community. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, but please either email me:

, or post suggestions for improvement in the IdeaStorm category.