What do you want your customers to tell you?

Duration: Feb 4, 2010 - Feb 16, 2010

Status: Archived

Have you ever said ”I wish I could ask my customers what they think of our (fill in the blank).” There is an avenue to do just that, making it ironic that Dell would launch an Employee Storm Session about IdeaStorm Storm Sessions. In December 2009 Dell launched Storm Sessions where Dell is asking the customer “What are YOUR ideas around a specific topic?” These Storm Sessions are targeted to the needs of Dell’s Business Units, relevant to both Dell and the customer because Dell is actively listening and time bound to enable a quick turnaround of ideas and feedback. Is there an area that you would like to ask customers to help drive your business needs? Give us your ideas on a Storm Session.


Thank you for your submissions to this Storm Session. There are many great ideas around a variety of topics. We have taken all of these ideas for feedback on the Dell brand, products, services and customer pain points and are incorporating them into the pipeline of upcoming storm sessions. We will have several sessions starting up soon that will ask what Dell can do to enhance our customers and their experiences at Dell. Thank you for these great ideas and keep your eyes on IdeaStorm.