What is the SSD effect on data center performance?

Duration: Mar 19, 2014 - Jun 1, 2014

Status: Archived

Samsung and Dell are partnering to gather your ideas around the effects of SSDs on Data Center performance.

Dell PowerEdge 11G and 12G servers with Samsung solid-state drives are designed to deliver increased performance and reliability and offer additional benefits with its power-loss protection. Samsung's E-MLC SSDs increase write endurance by more than 100 times standard MLC SSDs. That translates into long-lasting, sustained performance for your servers. Samsung SSDs can also be found across Dell's Enterprise client solutions including Dell Latitudes and Ultrabooks. To learn more about how Samsung SSDs deliver increased performance and reliability over standard hard drives check out the Whitepapers, videos and other resources available on Samsung's webpage for Dell.



For this Storm Session we would like to hear how your company is increasing Data Center productivity with SSDs. If you already have a Data Center with SSDs, let us know how they have improved your performance and productivity. For those of you with systems using standard hard drives, tell us how you would use SSDs for performance gains. As always, if you have any ideas to improve the use of SSDs in Data Centers, please share those as well.