Improving Productivity with Precision Mobile Workstations

Duration: Sep 5, 2012 - Sep 24, 2012

Status: Archived

When your work takes you away from the desk or out into the field, the power of the Dell Precision M4700 and M6700 mobile workstations are right there with you. These systems are the most powerful mobile workstations in the world, featuring professional-grade graphics, best-in-class storage capacity and outstanding battery life.  In an effort to make you even more productive while using Dell's Precision Mobile Workstations we are asking for your feedback on your needs such as:  

What tasks do you perform within your workflow?

What specs do you require for your system?

What software would you like to see pre-loaded on your workstation?

What storage requirements do you have and how would/have you set this up?

What type of support do you need/expect from Dell?

What would you do with the world’s most powerful workstation?