How would you change the Alienware out-of-the-box experience?

Duration: Jul 25, 2011 - Aug 6, 2011

Status: Archived

At Alienware we like to show our appreciation for our customers by including a few things in the box to surprise and delight new system owners. In the past we’ve included mouse pads, hats, tool kits, stickers and more. Overall, the reactions we’ve seen are positive (check out the many unboxing videos on YouTube like this one:

Alienware Aurora ALX Unboxing - Although it’s a bit dark TheSweetVixen did a fantastic job of walking through the items in the accessory box).

We’d like to think we’ve hit our target. But we don’t want to stop there… Our planning teams would really like to get your input and feedback on how we might improve the items we include and the general out-of-the-box experience. While we’re sure everyone would agree that a 30” monitor would definitely surprise and delight, we want to stick with items that are reasonable in terms of cost, size and weight.

So, if it were up to you, how would you change the unboxing and accessories experience for Alienware platforms?