The Future of Education and Social Media

Duration: Mar 12, 2010 - Apr 9, 2010

Status: Archived

You know what’s missing in this classroom…  

Now can you tell us what’s missing from Social Media?

We drive change in everything we do, but change begins in the minds of savvy educators. By contributing valuable insight and input you can make the education of tomorrow a reality today. That’s why we want to hear from you.

We are looking for all creative minds in the education world to tell us which things are missing in the social media universe that can make a difference to education. But don’t limit yourself to that – share your objections on using social media and ask the community to help you find solutions.

Tell us which tools you are currently using and what kinds of tools could change the way you use social media.

The concept here is simple: add value to the community by sharing THAT THING that you’re keeping to yourself, get it read by the education community and vote.

We can turn little thoughts into great ideas and learn together. Help us make community ideas come alive!


Thank you for the interesting variety of great ideas and concepts. We are processing your feedback and will get back to the community with our thoughts.