Dell Outlet needs your help creating a new interactive buying guide.

Duration: Feb 20, 2012 - Mar 5, 2012

Status: Archived

We are in the process of creating a new Dell Outlet buying guide to help customers make the right decisions when upgrading their system or buying their next computer. Some of the new features will be:

  • Customers will be able to pick the kind of system they are interested in, answer a few questions and we’ll suggest the best suitable computer to meet their needs.
  • Customers needing parts for their computer will be able to check out our guide to computer parts and components which gives a breakdown of all the parts for desktops and laptops.
  • More detailed instructions and guides will also be available in our HOW TO PICK A COMPUTER section.


Here is where the IdeaStorm community can help.  We need your ideas on the kind of information you would like to see in the buying guide.  Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

  • The system's warranty status
  • The definition of scratch and dent  

Here is your chance to let us know how to make the buying guide work best for you.  We look forward to reading your ideas.


Search or filter by ANY specification, including SCREEN RESOLUTION and ASPECT RATIO!!!!

March 1, 2012

6 Votes

Status: Under Review


I seriously do not care if my system is Business or Home based.  If i'm looking for a Laptop, i want to be asked for specs.  i'd like to be able to put in my requested specs as a range (such as any Core i processor) with options (Quad core, i5 & i7 only)

I don't care about marketing gimmicks such as model names.  I care about specs first, then appearance.  I don't pay for a brand name, i pay for a product to have my needs met.

To that end, if i'm in the Dell Outlet, i feel that it is stupid for me to not have an option to find a system by Aspect Ratio or Resolution.  I want a 16:10 screen, or a resolution higher than 1080p.  It should take one check mark to find all systems that fit that criteria, across all lines.

Second note:  Make some ways to customize these systems, especially with easily replaced parts.  Offer them without Windows to save some $$$, or without RAM, since RAM is so cheap these days.  You guys can put unused or unwanted parts into their own store, or recycle them into other systems as potential Upgrades.

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Status Update:  This idea is currently under review by the Dell Outlet team.  Please understand that we will be limited in the information we can share during this process. 


new features in outlet searching

February 27, 2012

1 Vote

Status: Implemented


I do NOT want to be recommended to. OFten I have a vague set of specs that I am looking for to fulfill a clients needs and I am looking at many configurations. KEEP the search criteria on the side but keep or add the following items to choose from:
keep family & model breakdown (optiplex vs inspiron)
add i3 vs i5 vs i7 to replace "intel core i"
scale up memory choices to reflect current configurations: below 4g, 4g, 6-8g, above 8 gig
remove cd-rom/dvd choices
I never use the rest of the options as those are not criteria on which a purchase would be based.

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Status Update: This idea has been implemented by the Dell Outlet team. Thank you for posting!


Sorry. No inventory ... was found at this time.

February 21, 2012

4 Votes

Status: Under Review


I'd like to see the shopping experience simplified by 100-fold by only listing systems that are in stock.  It's like having empty shelves at the store - what was there? was it better? will it be back? was it a better deal?.  Currently, you have to click on the system listed, then Check Prices to see if there are any in stock.  I'd like to see a more streamlined approach to selling these:  Click on Servers and see a list of currently-in-stock systems, then have the ability to filter that list by model, memory, drives, etc.

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Status Update: This idea is currently under review by the Dell Outlet team. Please understand that we will be limited in the information we can share during this process.